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Hello Steemians

Welcome to the excellent #bouldersunday with
thanks to @shasta

These boulders have have an excellent spot on the edge
of the mighty Niagara River.
A perfect place to sit and....

DSC_2719 (2).JPG

watch the water rush by.

DSC_2692 (2).jpg


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That'd be a terrific spot to set up canvas and paints too!

Yes it would be! I can't paint to save my life ... it is quite noisy, there are a lot of rapids , and a long hike to that spot, but well worth it.

Amazing :) Cheers :)

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Thank you, it’s a cool area!

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Nice and cool Niagara River photography.

Thank you, I appreciate your kind words

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You captured some great boulders, @karbon.

Thank you, they made a great rest spot, could have sat there all day long..

What a wonderful boulder to sit on and enjoy that
beautiful river. The colors are awesome in these photos!
Thank you @karbon for sharing this gorgeous place!

Thanks @shasta, it has a cool green colour, that’s real I didn’t edit it...
there is a load roar the camera can’t catch, it’s a cool feeling sitting there.

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Howdy sir karbon! Great boulder shot there and that river looks deep and powerful.

That's all the water that went over Niagara Falls...can't see the rapids or how fast it's moving very clearly but it is loud...

oh okay, dang, no close is that to the Falls?

Maybe 5-6 miles then the canyon runs another 20 miles then empties into Lake Ontario..Ill be posting more pics from the gorge...