Bad news for NewSteem // @theycallmedan seems to be changing his position on Bidbots

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One of the biggest whales on the Steem blockchain seems to be slowly succumbing to pressure from Bid Bot owners and supporters.

In my last post i talked about attrition and a number of ways that those that are connected with the bidbot business, or rather what a better name for it is: "Dumb inflation and reward pool draining" business will try and fight the change.

A couple days ago an illustrator by the name of @katharsisdrill created a post with a logo and a character (Bidbotthophant) that was supposed to represent the struggle of the community against the vote buying cartel.
The illustration would be placed under a post and a link would lead to the post explaining to everyone why they have been downvoted.

During the retaliatory flagging by @booster last week, that post was downvoted and greyed out by Booster and @theycallmedan decided to counter that downvote and make the post visible again.

During the pressure that has happened and with many influential Steemians like @whatsup and @aggroed slowly starting to back off from the pressure on the bots and cleaning the trending page, or in the case of Aggroed openly call for the community to back off from flagging posts that stack bid bot votes and take up trending spots from organically voted posts ,

The obvious fear mongering by Aggroed and the expected bluff that Steem Whales invested in bots will leave if not allowed to sell votes:

"If your goal is to run off the bidbots I think that's equivalent to your goal being to run off whales who want a passive investment here. I prefer to keep investors on and in the Steem ecosystem."

quote taken from:

@theycallmedan has decided to pull his vote from the BidBotthopant post LINK that has been targeted by @booster in a retaliatory manner.


Pulled from steemd

From his action we can only summize that he has been pressured and convinced by the "Bid bot stake" to give up on the goal we should all share of FORCING bots to make the major change like @smartsteem has.
Stopping accepting bids and moving to a 100% curation service.

When one of the whales that has lifted himself up as one of the leaders in fighting abuse buckles under pressure and decides to allow for retaliatory behavior from BidBot owners with his action of pulling votes from a post that has been targeted for speaking up against bidbots, then the fear that that exact retaliatory behavior will commence again and that others will follow in suit, IS VERY REAL.

Our goal looks a bit further away right now but theres really nothing else we can do but try and push this through all the way.

"Behind the curtain talk" will happen and it is already happening. People will be bought and reputable steemians will use their reputation to push the agenda of returning back to allowing bidbots to rule the trending.
If this happens then #newsteem will be a failure. The only thing that is keeping it from being a failure is achieving the goal of taking the Trending page back.

Keep on fighting the good fight and ill see you around.

Illustration by @katharsisdrill. Pretty cool if i may say myself. hehe

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Not sure what this is in reference to? I have been upvoting people getting hit by DVs that are not warranted. You are free to make accusations about me, but my DMs are always open if you have a question.
BTW, look at my DVs from yesterday alone and tell me what I am succumbing to? I am working overtime against bid bot abuse, spending hours everyday manually DVing. You can have your opinion about me but you are pretty much trying to smear my name without even talking to me. You are free to do that, but not sure what you want to accomplish.
I dont even know what post you are talking about, I have countered countless DV abuse that you need to show me a link. Also, if I choose to counter a vote is my right, and if I choose to uncounter a vote that is my right. I have been hitting booster, and any other bot without discrimination. If it is bid bot abuse, I am on it.

It was a post of mine. Here it is:

As long as the #newsteem change continues it's all I want to hear.

Thanks, will look into this. Not sure how this happened, I have never unvoted a vote before, well I can count on my hands when it happened and it was because of a misclick. Will look into this katarsisdrill and if I can still give you a helping vote I will.

That post was at 8 days, so I threw you an upvote on a newer post to make up for the abuse. Cheers.

@fyrstikken was the one doing the abuse. Main thing for me is that this thing is done and done thoroughly to make a better and more robust Steem. I have posted my art here for three years and I would very much like to keep my investment healthy.

Thanks all the same!

It seems like he does appreciate what you do. Just misunderstood perhaps?

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I’m cranky before I’ve had my coffee lol. Just when you are spending the time and stake that I am and see a post like this, kinda rubs me the wrong way. My DMs are open and if you see abuse you should know by now you can always reach out and at the very least get an explanation from me.

Does that mean you wanna support @steemflagrewards project? :)

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Steem has so much potential for success. Don't let the little stuff bother you to much. I believe the people on Steem all want the same thing here now.

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The timing and what the post represents, made for some bad optics. It was a neutral anti-bid-bot post that booster took personal exception to and wiped the votes on.

There was a lot of good vibes flowing when we were able to resurrect the post with your help. I can see how people can jump to conclusions about your intentions removing the vote. If it was inadvertent, I think you've earned the benefit of the doubt.

In the future, I guarantee if you simply reach out to me you will get a answer everytime.

Not sure what this is in reference to?


I mean its pretty clear what it is about. You pulled the vote from a guy that made the bidbottophant post few hours before it payed out.
Theres a link in the post. Theres the screenshot from steemd.
I dont see how its not clear.

Im just making conclusions from your actions and the actions of the reputable steemians here. You are free to give your response to this and make it clear to everyone what has happened in this case.

I dont have an opinion about you beyond what i see you do and say. And this is something you obviously did since the blockchain doesnt lie.

My goal is to make sure that the rethoric doesnt soften and that people like you that the community depends on to push this through dont fall under the influence of bidbot owners and their supporters.
Some have already fallen under their influence so please give some feedback as to why you pulled your vote and let the Bidbottophant post remain greyed out.

To be honest I had no clue how that happened. It maybe obv to you, I counter dozens of DVs weekly so like I said a link would be nice. I don’t remember pulling a vote at the last second. If anything this is something to bring to my attention. If anything this is a glitch. Trusted people use my posting key to help me with contest etc. maybe a flare up. I def didbt remove any vote of mine last minute, I’ve never done that before. So if is showing that I did, I will need to investigate.

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That is fair. I hope you investigate and if indeed someone did it in your place with your posting key, it might be time to reconsider who you trust.

I could apologize for the sensationalist title and the post but i cant. As i repeat constantly. This is a matter of attrition and maintaining pressure is a must. Pressure on the bots and pressure on ourselves.

Do what you want. If you want a relationship with me, reach out man. I am very easy to talk to.

Nothing against you, i do like listening to your videos, but honestly, any relationship here with whales in times like this leads to bias and when theres a goal to achieve,more often then not, that bias leads to inaction and closing ones eye to the problem that might occur.

I know you perceive this as unnecessary and in bad blood, but posts like this keep people on their toes and any "relationship" you have with someone like you that affects the blockchain in such a big way would probably over time lead to complacency.

When i see you do what i think is positive, i always support it. Now ive seen you do something i did not support. Thats why this post is here among many other reasons.
Youve been the target as much as Aggroed has here for example.
And the provocative manner of it got the word out about both things. ;)

If any stakeholder, large or small, wants passive income they should support curation projects like @curangel. Or if they want a better ROI, then @ocdb should fit the bill as it gives 90% of vote value to delegators and 10% to supported authors who have been curated by OCD and manually added to the whitelist. @ocdb uses its downvoting power to combat abuse, too.

The larger your investment the more of what you invest in should reflect an effort to increase buying pressure on STEEM. What bid bots with a non-negative ROI do is completely ridiculous: pay people to advertise in Trending. That guarantees Trending to be filled with garbage nobody wants to look at, driving away eyes from it and causing Steem to be shunned by investors.

Any earnings in STEEM are purely illusory without an increase in the fiat price that exceeds STEEM inflation.

True, Bidbottophant died a second time... the plug was pulled. Took me a while to notice actually.

Post it again!
I'm very confident we keep that post above water. We shouldn't have rested on our laurels!

This time he'll be in the wheelchair!

Do it!!!

It is done.

As can be expected, this post carries your trademark provocateur style and it's gonna be interesting to see how it pans out. Nevertheless, you touch on the thing that had me quite disheveled earlier.

There are opposing forces on the chain pulling in different directions. The profiteers are scrambling to rationalize the old way which we have observed is no way at all but rather a dead end or perhaps better imagery would be a course towards a swirling maelstrom or whirlpool.

Some of them seem to have one foot in and one foot out of the #newsteem boat as those with vision desperately paddle to escape the swirling waters as they foolish go headlong in their race to the bottom.

I can expand on this and say we are all fettered to one another and as we turn our oars to what we believe to be progress, there are others who use their motorboats (bid bots) to go the other way.

I would like to say we can pull them out as well but intuitively it seems their force of tension trumps our own many times over.

The decision that smartsteem made is highly commendable and puts hope in my heart but in my estimation there are many just sitting idly in their boats.

Believe there is some situations in life where it is necessary to make a decision and I wholly believe this is one such case.

People have freedom to choose as they will and they will be responsible for the destination.

Whether it is down the abyss or on solid ground, that is yet to be determined.

Lol guess my comment was just a little dramatic hey but so is your post. 😛


Haha. Its a template that stings and can be unfair in some cases. But you have to sting a bit to get the message across. We dont have the stake to affect change with it. But we can talk.
This isnt only about him and whatever might have happened in this case. Its about what we cant let happen overall.

Bid bots don't matter, friend.
Demand is going to create markets no matter what.
Bid bots are a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself.

If someone had their immune system ravaged by HIV and then they caught the flu... they wouldn't say they were dying of the flu. You are doing the same thing by making the claim that Steem is dying from bid bots.

The demand to buy votes exists solely due to Steemit's trending tab. The demand for bid bots literally has nothing to do with the blockchain itself. Make smarter trending tabs, reduce the demand to buy votes.

It doesn't really matter what @theycallmedan thinks. The platform is going to carry on regardless and most of his contributions have a positive net affect in any case. Making the claim that he will somehow devalue the platform is just lashing out blindly in the face of this 98% loss that we've all be suffering from.

I watched a lot of his videos lately and there was a lot of talk about using bid bots on payout declined posts. If users want to send Steem to @null to buy time on the trending tab it's worth it for everyone involved. I'm not really sure what your angle is here.


If whales want passive income they should support curation projects.

If not, they will lose.

The rules changed so they should as well.

I highly doubt dan capitulated to bid bots here, I'll talk to him when I get a chance to see what happened there but it's probably just a minor misunderstanding

With the possible exception of smooth, he's literally been hitting bid bots harder than anyone else with a large stake and I can't see him relenting any time soon

I saw an example of that with Smooth on Aggroed's post and your comment as well.

I'm glad that y'all have taken such a stance. It strikes me that some users who still use bots are perhaps afraid of failure.

They think oh maybe people won't value my contribution so thus I must bot it up. It's an immature sentiment. I am ok with failure.

Maybe it was because staked curator didn't really see my post or maybe I just suck and need to do better. Agg and others like him try to bypass that process of failure and growth.

But I guess maybe I'll getting too deep into philosophical motives. Anyways, glad to see you seem to be on the side of hope and not fear.

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He said I removed a vote at the last second of a person I was reversing bot abuse for. It’s interesting because I didn’t do this, unless I was sleep curating. This is a case I need to investigate. But pretty 0-100 to think this one action means I changed my entire stance on bid bots. I downvoted well I to the red yest and will do so again today.

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he definitely overreacted
he's sorta known for that and it's actually quite entertaining when you're not at the ass end of it most of the time lol
but yeah i'm trying to tell him there's no way dan would back off from this when the tide of war is going our way

Did you let him out?

Thats fair enough. Id like it ofc that he shares openly what happened since there are people quite interested as to why he made the conscious decision to pull his vote. This is a post that had a purpose and was targeted in a retaliatory manner. If one of the people thats positioned himself as one of the leaders in fighting abuse pulls the vote, that might demotivate people from fighting to retake the trending.

With the possible exception of smooth, he's literally been hitting bid bots harder than anyone else with a large stake and I can't see him relenting any time soon

I know he has. That makes this even stranger and can lead to all kinds of conclusions and confusions.

my guess is he was just fucking around with a downvote bot or a trail or something and it messed up
it'd be something minor
he's not all of a sudden joining team booster lol
I talk to him sometimes, he didn't invest all that steem and is not building a video platform just to be undermined by dishonest voting which is what vote selling does

dishonest voting

Well now. You don't beat around the bush do you! Haha

Yes, I completely agree with that being what it is.

hey how did you get off bernie's shit list btw?
I remember the days when scrolling down your page was met with more grey than seeing my grandma's pubes
I've never seen anyone make a semi successful career out of pissing off whales
even ones that are on their side like dan LOL

lol. Well he threatened that he will downvote my gf @silentscreamer that at the time was well voted and was making a music video that mariusfebruary gave us 500 SBD for and in which i dumped couple hundred USD in as well, that was supposed to promote STEEM and quality Steem content, at the end of the video.
She got around 2000 views organically on facebook and youtube across 2 accounts.

So i decided to shut up, take a blow to the ego haha so she doesnt get hurt for my big mouth. :D


He has a volatile temper but does (or at least did) care about this platform and can be quite a generous person.

And yeah while he can be really harsh, he does eventually let people out of his rape dungeon if they stop pissing him off for a while. He doesn't just choke them to death for eternity.

I actually wish he was fighting for honest curation now that we have the economic tools, but I think lately he's given up on this place and just butts heads with a few trolls to pass the time.

Hopefully he'll come around soon.

Oh and you should probably edit your previous reply so the other whales you've been pissing off lately don't attack innocent people :)

Nah, shes taking a break right now from content since its just not worth the time for her so a flag wont really bother her anymore.
Ive sent hundreds of transactions back and forth between the two accounts so its obvious to find the connection which used to be a problem, but ever since she stopped posting frequently i can run my mouth as much as i want. :D

but ever since she stopped posting frequently i can run my mouth as much as i want. :D

Well, what a wonderful treat for us all

with more grey than seeing my grandma's pubes

A lovely annotation for me to mull over just before I crash.. heh..

Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

I actually told Aggroed his cry about blind votes was silly as they have been providing blind upvotes the whole time.

Also my downvotes and downvote posts have been targeting those who are promoting bad posts via the bots.

Just because my position is slightly different than yours, in that I think responsible vote selling could be fine and I have supported the bot owners who are trying to make reforms.. Does not mean whatever you think it means.

I think you have gotten addicted to disliking certain people and are being rigid in your position.

It's a shame you are so focused on getting this entirely your own way that you can't see progress when it is there.

In any case, another hysterical prediction of why Steem will fail is always amusing.


Didn't know that @smartsteem changed to full curation. That's amazing! And that's coming from someone who doesn't mind bid bots.

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Hi @lordbutterfly

Isn't quite fascinating and scary to know, that opinion of one of few large stakeholders can affect entire steem ecosystem?

How not to get lost? Regular Joes will be punished one day because they used bitbots and week later they will learn that it's okey already, because people who flagged them in the first place changed their policy.

I honestly think that those "whales" should decide what is their long term goal and stick to it.

It would be sad to see you guys losing that battle against bitbots ....

ps. Check out my latest post if you have a chance. I would appreciate your feedback.