Last Minute Upvoter Accounts (2018-04-17)

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This is an automatically generated post that will be updated with a list of all large votes that were placed just before the reward cutoff time.

Being included on this list may indicate abuse (trying to hide large votes on undeserving posts), however, that is not always the case.

If you would like to help stop abuse, please analyze the votes below for abuse and flag if warranted.

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Thank you for your support.


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thank you.... nice post

Thank you, good post

WARNING - The message you received from @afiatdiu is a CONFIRMED SCAM!
DO NOT FOLLOW any instruction and DO NOT CLICK on any link in the comment!
For more information, read this post:
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Please, don't make me start flagging you. @afiatdiu has a -2 rep, which is hidden, you're not even replying to his comment and you're upvoting your obnoxious comment to the top.

Fix your shit, before I do.


Didn't upvoted my comment. Someone else did!