Was I right all along then?

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Howdy folks'.

There are many thing I think and think that it is just logical. A logical thought process. The only reason I feel I think with an alter-nativity to other's, is that it always felt like they just didn't understand by the way they responded. Maybe more accurately the way they didn't respond.

There are many roads lead to Rome. The right one to take is the one that gets you there. (providing you are travelling in the right direction) If not, you travel away from your goal.

It seem's the mind set of how things might ork better has changed a bit with the Hard Fork. I wonder, if the things I said all along were heard or that its just logical progress.

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Before the Hard Fork, the two weeks before I began to rite with the Hard Fork in mind a bit. One of the things I wrote about was the bots, The voting bot's that you send your SP to and they vote o your post giving you a small return.

The vote they use to do this now will cost much more Steem to provide. They will begin to notice loss of income for various reasons. When the bot doesn't vote and things like that. With the drop in writers since the Hard Fork not as many people are here to use the bots, I am sure those who pushed this for forward considered this. I have heard word that one Bot is changing its ways to a Subscription vote. Something I have recommended to a few others prior to the Hard Fork.

I also yapped on about the % reward and our suggestion was a 50% return to the subscribers wallet after any curating reward is taken away. They started offering a reward of 0 - 30% one offered a possible 0 - 50% too though.That is a big gap in the maybe though.

Anything less than a 50% increase to the subscriber I think is abuse of the vote subscription system. Just a personal opinion. The vote I could give in comparison to what those others can. I don't think they care what I think anyway.

But yes it seems Subscription and a higher reward for the purchaser is on the cards. Something I was aiming for and began before the Hard Fork. Maybe my shouting about it made a difference. Maybe someone does read these posts I make. Either way, things there are a bit better for the consumer here on the platform.

Unfortunately, the change is not for the benefit of the consumer but for the ability to keep the bot running. From what I hear of the one intending to make changes. They will be investing more of their own funds into the project. They must be expecting to make good gains.

I will probably be 1st in line to use it with this post lol.

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I hear many of the things I have said needed begin on Steem. Some I hear as duplicates of things I have spoken of. I know I have said the same things in previous conversations with the same people present. I know I got no support for it. I see now the same thing does get support for others. I think this is great. It shows me that the ideas are worth supporting. No matter were the idea came from that someone used it maybe adapted the concept to fit a niche.I think it is brilliant. It is one less part I will have to put as much consideration to.

Get enough of these thoughts out there and people doing them, then stitch them all together.

Maybe Steem has found some positive movement forward. This is not because of what a witness done. This is because of what the average person has done. Those who are making posts and providing content for chain.

I have also come up with a brilliant idea to bring company's to the chain. Everyone is tired of hearing me rant on about what I think would be a good method. Ultimately, if I don't have the Steem to do it myself. No one want's to know. So many ideas lately that I have no one to share them with. After having o much chat for a year. I guess I talked too much and didn't joke enough.

While all the small lie in wait for the big one to help that won't. Refusing to come together in preference of maybe one day, it could be me. Nothing will change and you will still be disgruntled by the system that extinguishes your flame each time you spark.

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