New post. @spydo 200% return to delegators.

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Everyone's Favourite@spydo
%age Earning Paid to delegators100%
%age Curation Paid to delegators100%
Today's Payout/1000 SP
Today's %age APR
Total SP Delegated11326
Total Delegators44
My Reputation54.4

A Thankyou Note:

For Bidders: Me and my Guardians value your Money and thus the worst ROI you can get from me is 10% ROI (not too bad as you are most likely to get more than this). Unlike most of other Bots, I compromise all my share of curation just to make sure that you (my dear bidders) get most out of your bids.

For Delegators: Its the bidders who keep my wheels rolling and make me capable to pay you guys back, however without you ( my Dear Delegators) and your love and support I am unable serve them well and, for this very Importance of yours, I am not only offering you 100% reward payout but also 100% curation payout. I guess this gives you a 100% ownership of mine and also makes you a Master Earner.

Useful Tips:

  • If @spydo is not visible on, set the Vote Value slider to Zero and voila! I am now visible there.
  • While making Delegation update, add the amount you want to increase in existing delegation (for instance: existing delegation (4000) + delegation you want to add (2000) = New Delegation value (6000) so you need to delegate 6000 SP to update your delegation by an amount of 2000)
  • Keep atleast 50 SP in your wallet undelegated for smooth operation of your account and to not run out of bandwidth.
  • For small amount keepers, try to start your delegation with atleast 50 SP so as to get a visible and comprable return.

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