RE: Are bots sucking the life-force out of steemit?

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Are bots sucking the life-force out of steemit?

in bot •  3 years ago

I agree, I love posting here and honestly am one of the guilty serial posters! I believe I post good quality content but even getting a response from a live person is rare. I think I am going to now kick my steemit addiction and detox for a week. I will then come back and reassess the situation possibly with a fresh view. Thanks for the most decent comment I have had for a while. Just asking but........ not a bot are you?

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lol, no I'm not a bot.. and I don't remember the exact metrics but if you keep your daily posting to either 4 or 6 times per day (the number is where my memory fails me, just so happens it's the most important part... doh) but you'll be safe.

you might want to look into it just in case. I only post at most like 3 times a day so It doesn't really concern me personally all that much.