Are bots sucking the life-force out of steemit?

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Hi Guy's my name is Mark,

I recently made a post that has been plagued by bots I suspect. I am no expert on the matter however I am almost convinced and believe there is possibly something funny going on around here. Also I think I might be figuring it out, kinda, maybe .... Well let me explain and you decide.

A couple minutes ago I posted my " The Art Of Potsai " a eBook I originally wrote but never published so I have decided to give it to steemit. I would think its a ton of original content because I mostly wrote and compiled it from various resources myself. So let's safely say its a content rich article relating to a specific tag, keyword or whatever you want to call it. 

Almost instantly I was plagued by bots!  Were are all the people I though?  I soon realized it was a bot plague and they had almost instantly attached themselves to my post......... Mmmm but why? What is the meaning of this?  

Is this good or bad? Now I am no expert but immediately I assume these bots have no credit what so ever, after all how could they if the bots  job was to attach itself to every post it finds necessary only to just up-vote for some reason. Why because if they attach to a post with good content first, is there a chance they can reply or get up-votes? I feel these bots just mission around up-voting everything they feel the need to, and attach themselves kinda being spamish wouldn't you think. After all I don't know about you but I am not really interested in bots hitting me up-votes, I want people to engage, relate and possibly enjoy an experience or something from what I share. But honestly at this point I am still more intrigued because I am not sure of there intentions. 

This is my biggest question?? Are the bots sucking the life force out of steemit??

Please if you can elaborate or have anything to share on the topic I would appreciate it. Thank you

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The current state of the bot infestation seems pretty counter productive for us living/breathing folk. I noticed that there was a group of like 30 bots that would auto-vote on posts which had the steemit tag attached to it and hit the right keywords (whatever they might be) but they didn't do much but get you to the top of the "hot" section in your respective tags... at least for an hour or so, then you drop like a hot potato.

I don't really know if they have a direct negative effect on posts right now unless you're posting more than a handfull of times a day due to the recent steemit-fork that happened which now penalizes those who post a ton of content daily.

No clue where things will go from here but I'm just going to hang out and see for myself because I am curious.


I agree, I love posting here and honestly am one of the guilty serial posters! I believe I post good quality content but even getting a response from a live person is rare. I think I am going to now kick my steemit addiction and detox for a week. I will then come back and reassess the situation possibly with a fresh view. Thanks for the most decent comment I have had for a while. Just asking but........ not a bot are you?


lol, no I'm not a bot.. and I don't remember the exact metrics but if you keep your daily posting to either 4 or 6 times per day (the number is where my memory fails me, just so happens it's the most important part... doh) but you'll be safe.

you might want to look into it just in case. I only post at most like 3 times a day so It doesn't really concern me personally all that much.

Yes they are slowly destroying steemit. They have made it nearly impossible to get a curation reward if you have little steem power.


Thank you for your reply, we need as much feedback as possible.

I'll be back!