Bose Lantern Speaker i bought at Frys Electronics because of Ciara -Level Up Music Video...

in bose •  4 months ago




Very happy with my bose speaker that stays magically charged up even if i dont plug it in... as long as im a good boy :) hahahah you dont even know what we have here in san diego do you? God Bless our tesla coils . I love you Dr Sayus

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Ufo Fleet over downtown San Diego last week I got Photos!


That was my Solar Warden Gaurdian Alliamce fleet

not kidding

It was the night I fell asleep with TV on and a freakin never before seen screen saver of whirling star tornado was on when I woke up RIGHT at the right time I am the master of this simulation now or ONE of them... come to San Diego everyone....go watch the video of cancer being annihilated by normal human body ...they play that visualization recording on our TV

Hah I have Inter dimensional cable

All zacks work together

access ackzas axis ... aska... ask the genie in the lamp

I WAS remote viewing with cox cable while it hapoened and my mom told me the Navy had things under control

I saw swirling star patterns on cox cable ... spinning clockwise .. 5 pointed stars... they were trying to steer souls its evangelion we are desalinating the oceans slowly over 70 years


Seems you are awoken, and the fleet will guard you for life!

Hello @ackza what is price of this speaker


$200 USD it was on sale and Bose is my Boss now heh

I love you all steemit! And steem blockchain wins

Awersome where you made this print sir @ackza.


FRYS electronics is where I bought the Speaker with my dad! a big group of motorcycles came out right in front of us on the freeway on the way over... it was an adrenaline rush! LIKE SURFING


This incredible haha

Oh It looks great! We already know where you will listen to music at full volume



Yes but I have to be aware of my neighbors and use my headphones more and buy higher quality Philips headphones or use my pre amp if i can find it... pre amps allow ANY headphones to have more bass

Anyway you are so pretttttyyyyy