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Is Booster a Tribe? Like if I stake Booster tokens would my upvotes give people Booster? The tribe thing is a bit confusing. It seems like Steemit could be hurt if everyone switched to Palnet.

It also seems Ironic that you might be able to lose money by using

I guess I also lose money by not doing more tribe tags. It looks like I can do more than 5 tags with Palnet.

I put in a bid for some Pal Tokens.
My first bid did not seem to go through but I do see my new bid in there now.

Yesterday the price was .123 Steem and now it is .132 so maybe I helped spike the price? lol

Steem $.164542 Pal .132 Steem so $.0217

Wednesday 9-4

.316 Pal/1,155.106 SP
1,781 VP

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With current value of steem, everything we do here is pretty worthless.

I think most have gotten pretty creative when it comes to making the pennies add up.

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Well this post did rather well for someone's who account took a dive and there's no bid bot on it.

Booster is a bot. lol

From what I understood is there's bid bots and there's the one's who sell their this one that sell's their votes?

There's bidbots and there's also users who sell their votes. Maybe I should sell mine. lol