I just discovered a new thing I want: A GPS jammer!

in boom •  2 months ago  (edited)

I was reading reddit and I found this article that says that Putin always has GPS jammers wherever he goes.

When Putin's around, GPS goes haywire, study finds

If you go through the comments of the reddit post, you'll find that there are other interesting things like a phone signal jammer, for example. There was also a super cool drone that takes bombs with it.

(Click to play)

I always wanted to build drones, even before knowing they existed. When I was little, I used to design drones in my head, and when we were driving in the car to some place, I used to imagine them flying beside the car, doing different things. In my mental collection, I had a remotely driven car with a laptop screen and a joystick with which you could see what it saw. I also had a robot that could transform into a flying saucer. It was also a killing machine that would protect me. I obviously never imagined that they could be as simple as a small unmanned helicopter or aeroplane (as most drones are today).

But I hadn't thought much about phone signal jammers and GPS signal jammers. I read it's illegal, and with good reason, but I want one! Just imagine having jammers, drones flying around you, everything controlled by AI and software written by yourself. Ahh, the image is just so satisfying. That's why I love my bots, they protect me and help me. Chatbots can be weaponised, too, and it's a really fun thing to do, but just imagine programming and building a fortress with sensors, jammers, drones, automatic weapons, and it can fly.

Is there any show or book where someone takes over an asteroid and weaponises it so that everywhere it flies, it destroys? Wahh, imagine that super cool asteroid just throwing nukes around. Just eat tasty sandwiches, fly around, see a planet and boom!

Explosions are cool. So are drones and jammers. I doubt I'll have much of any of that in my life, but who knows. I've read about some interesting jobs around the world including some of those. I don't like being a pawn, though, so I'd have to work out a way to have the cool stuff without the lame stuff. Unlikely. Regardless, the mental image is enough for now.

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Ahah, that sounds pretty cool indeed. Problem is that it'd be quite a waste of space and resources at the moment.

Perhaps in the far future... Fact is that our technology is becoming better, meaning we'll do space travel in the future, which allows us to utilise more space. And the world population growth is expected to stagnate, meaning there will be less people for a larger amount of space.

Sadly, we're probably a couple centuries away from reaching that point. We'll probably only be able to imagine about it.

If you still want to have hope, the best one can give you is simulations. No, not the lame, unrealistic, small games you see now. Perhaps you'll see grand-scale, hyper-realistic simulations in your lifetime, which will allow you to see exposions, drones and jammers... Without the ethical, legal and economic issues!

I guess we'll just have to see :)


Yay! I really want that. :) I know that many cool games about that have come out and VR, but I'm a bit poor atm so I can't but that kind of stuff, but I'm really hopeful for the future. I think that if I keep working hard, I'll be able to buy a good computer where I can play good games and a VR set. Still, reality also has its charms, so I also want to explore robotics and other cool stuff.

I also think about what you said first. The future could be charming indeed once technology advances much more! I'd love to be in a tech research company in maybe 100 or 200 years. Or even now! There's tons of cool stuff being researched right now, but ahhh, I can't have any of that.

Dreams are good too, I guess. :3


I know that many cool games about that have come out and VR, but I'm a bit poor atm so I can't but that kind of stuff, but I'm really hopeful for the future.

Honestly, most of it isn't very realistic at the moment. There's no large-scale, realistic games in which you can actually interact with everything. Even with the best pc in the world, there just isn't anything really amazing to play.

Although I like gaming a lot, since it's really fun to do, I believe we'll see more sandbox'ish games pop up in a couple of decades, when we've advanced AI to a point where it'll assist much more easily in the creation of worlds inside of games with a set of predetermined rules.

The future is quite unpredictable though, I just hope it'll turn the world as a whole into a brighter place.

As for dreaming, I'm more of a daydreamer than a nightdreamer. Dreams in my sleep more usually show dystopias rather than the utopias you seem to describe. Fun as dreams, but not so fun if they become reality.

I live in the Netherlands, got a pretty good PC and can try most new stuff coming out. But even for me it ain't enough. Perhaps I'm just spilled though :/


I meant daydreams! Although I'm also a good nightdreamer, I don't dream much about technology at night, but mostly of fantasy, aliens and crazy magic stuff.

I also want that :) I want to get a nice amount of resources right now so that when the future comes, I'll be able to buy games and try new technologies and be the first to see many things.

As for the lacking level of absolute advancement, I'm with you on that! I read on 4chan the other day that someone said "born too late to explore the world, born too early to explore space". In a sense, just 40 years ago, with the birth of the internet and home computers, we created a new era of quick advancement that will stagnate in the future, but we were born right at the beginning of the curve. This means that although we can see the promise, we were born too early to explore the peak of the wonders it will bring. I'm a little nostalgic about that!


"born too late to explore the world, born too early to explore space"

good sentence. Which counted for all times for a majority of people. Couple of hundred years ago one could explore the world as an adventurer or salesman on a ship - being usually male - becoming sea sick or ill with too few nutritions or threatened by infections and all kinds of diseases. But at least having explored the unknown. Also, as a housewife in the 50s this sentence would count as she may have taken an airplane to a hotel in the Caribbean Sea and maybe have gotten a glimpse on a local market, but this doesn't count as exploration, only holidays.

This sentence also counted for the owner of a great castle who must have stayed home in order to run the whole thing and the surrounding villagers as well as the authorities. As well a farmer could not explore the world as he had to feed his own and some others.

Neither for a midwife nor a doctor the exploration would have been possible.

The only ones ever were able to explore the world for example were the invaders, lonely adventurers or archeologists, the outcasts, the crazy ones or the monks on pilgrimage. Or those walking the thousand miles of the silk street or other caravan routes. Exploring the world means to put your life in danger.

I guess the real explorers of the world were the early human nomads.

If you are not one of those (or participating in training for space-affairs), willing to put your life at risk, I think being nostalgic about is not needed. Because there is still plenty of occasions you could do so. ;-)


you can have it.


It takes a little while to learn about most of these things and I'm way too busy trying to feed myself and getting a degree meanwhile. :)

I mean, it's physically possible for me to do those things, but I would have to make some great sacrifices that would bring a lot of suffering and discomfort into my life. I could do it, though (?).


Imagination is always more exciting than really having it. Just look at today. We have all those amazing things - compared to hundred years ago - but are still bored. What's the point then?


Yes, reality is often disappointing when it actually brings you the things you imagined about. However, I feel like there are a lot of things that would still make the world a lot more fun.

A problem of recent years is peace & regulation. Yeah, I understand that it's good for the population as a whole, and we definitely should not stop trying to bring more peace into the world, but it also turns the world into a less exciting place. Creating your own bit of chaos is always fun and that is what simulations will be able to give us more and more in the future.

Though I gotta agree on Space Travel sounding more exciting than it's probably gonna be. Many are envisioning spaceships travelling between planets in our solar system or even between different solar systems. That's really going to turn out disapppointing no matter how you put it, as we're not going to be able to go on a daytrip to Mars, then to saturn's rings and back to Earth in a week. Going to other stars would take years, even once we've figured out ways to propel us more efficiently. However, I do believe it will get more interesting than sending cars into space and letting sluggishly slow robots drive on Mars.


I get you.
The game only stays exciting if it's the real thing. Once you know it's a simulation its only exciting while it lasts. But coming out of a simulation is not the same as surviving the real thing, right? (Unless, you don't know that it's VR).

Flying hundred years ago was a real thing. It was dangerous and life threatening. It still is but doesn't feel that way. Same with driving. It could kill you but doesn't feel that way. Probably hunting was the same thing in humans past.

Now space traveling is only the real thing because it's so exciting. You can win and lose it all. As an astronaut. Once it becomes a custom for everyone, it becomes a normal habit. Than there is no novelty and no excitement involved. I agree on that with you.

I think modern people paid already the high price for certainty (less novelty) - we live longer, we stay longer healthy, we travel, we move like there were no tomorrow. But it's not the real thing. Where you could die any moment. Some times it really becomes a nuisance to us that we made living in modern times so certain. But we made it a really dangerous thing to be an animal or plant. From their perspective it's probably the most uncertain times on earth. Which will turn out to be something we will - I think - inevitably get what we wish for (and what we weren't wanting, too).


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and I just want an army of catbots
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Thank you @eonwarped :)

An army of catbots would be really cool indeed! They could have steel claws, very sharp, and infrared vision! Gums under their feet for stealth, matte black plastic hair, unreflective, to navigate the darkness. They sneak up onto you at night and you hear the click of the jump, and when you turn, your neck has four red lines!


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