Peer-to-Peer - The Commons Manifesto

in books •  2 months ago


Time for one of my sporadic book posts. I saw that Peer-to-Peer - The Commons Manifesto is coming out towards the end of the month. Michel does a lot of good work at the P2P Foundation. Should be an interesting read. Here's the book blurb:

Not since Marx identified the manufacturing plants of Manchester as the blueprint for the new capitalist society has there been a deeper transformation of the fundamentals of our social life. As capitalism faces a series of structural crises, a new social, political and economic dynamic is emerging: peer-to-peer. This book asks what is peer-to-peer (P2P)? Why is it so important to building a commons-centric future? And how could this happen? Using a political economy framework this book discusses various cases exemplifying P2P commons-orientated value models. This book aims to critically intervene through proposals for a commons transition strategy. In this way it illustrates how state, market and civil society can build more inclusive and sustainable institutions.

I think I read that it will be available for free download on release. I was searching around and found what may be an early draft or precursor to the book if you're interested.

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