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The majority of people, especially children, despise books. Why? Mostly because they are "forced" to read. In school you get told to read otherwise there will be consequences. When your dad tells you to mow the lawn, you do it... But you don't enjoy it, do you? I started reading out of my own free will, books that I thought I would enjoy, now I can't stop. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Read

  1. Improves Grammar - Want a vast vocabulary and maybe sound smart while talking, start reading today.
  2. Reduces Stress - According to studies, no matter how high the stress levels are, getting lost in a good novel keeps you in the present moment and drains stress-levels drastically.
  3. Improves Memory - As you read you are forced to remember characters, settings, etc. This helps in everyday life as you improve your remembrance. 
  4. Enhanced Concentration Levels - Reading a book or magazine, all your focus is on what you read, everything else goes silent, the world falls away as you get suck into a good book.
  5. Calmness Levels Increases - Reading about the correct subject can bring tranquility, even help those suffering from mood-disorders.
  6. You'll Be Brighter - Your knowledge will take a step further as you pump your mind with more and more information.
  7. Stimulates You Mentally - According to some more studies, keeping your mind stimulated can reduces chances (or conceivably prevent) diseases such as Alzheimer's and Dementia. Play games or do puzzles to keep your brain active, it keeps your brain full of power.
  8. Upgrades Your Imagination - Reading will expand your understanding of what's possible, creating a variety of what can be and what not.
  9. Reading Before Bedtime Helps Sleep - Reading every night before entering dreamland helps your body wind-down and sleep better, and plus you'll be so relaxed.
  10. Entertainment - It is enjoyable and a great time killer!

And that is why you should read daily!

Thanks for reading.

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Excellent post. Not many people read as much as they should nowadays with so many distractions such as the internet and tv. Everyone should read at least 30 minutes per day to help sharpen the mind.


I think if people realized that many great TV shows and movies get their inspiration from books, and that by reading those books they can get so much more out of a story, it would be much easier to convince people to read. When I find out there's a book that a film or show is based on, I make every effort to read it especially if I like the show. But you're right, it's much easier to watch something passively than actively read a page and process the info. I think I'll always love it though.

i will try to make it a habit to read more and more stuffs daily at least :) thanks for your post nicely written.

Nice work!

thk sup.png

O you make a teacher's heart happy.

GREAT post!!! Now, it is the total opposite for me - I loved to read when I was a child, could not get enough of my favorite 'Little House On The Prarie' books :) No, I cannot stand reading for some reason - I am working on reading the right types of books which keep my attention. I love though that you like to read, it is very very very important that we all keep ourselves educated..I love you Steemit Friend..SUNSHINE247


Just resteemed you friend :) SUNSHINE247

Reading is fine and I was reading books regularly for quite some time. But the reality is that some people like me don't find it natural to just read, you get distracted, you get little value for the time you spent focused on "decoding" text.

And so if you're really like me, don't worry about it and don't force yourself. Watching documentaries or interesting videos is as valuable.

You see, text and letters are symbols. Symbols for real-life objects and real-life experiences. In ancient times, before letters existed, people used to draw those objects and had symbols for each experience. Egyptians had to draw an actual bird to tell a story about freedom and a crocodile to express fear.

Think of letters as the "new technology" that lets us exchange ideas faster. And if you think about it, now we have video. It's the most recent technology (100 years old) that let us express ideas and share information as fast and being physically in the same place.

So it's completely fine to watch documentaries or interesting videos to learn and stimulate your thoughts. I still read, but I enjoy it more because I don't feel like I'm forcing myself to.

I love to read...actual paper books. There is no greater pleasure, especially in the bath in winter.

great post. about falling asleep, for me reading an interesting book means I'm not gonna have sleep until I finish it. "one more chapter" and it's already morning

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