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RE: “Read a Damn Book – 141: Weirdos from Another Planet!”

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I learned to read before kindergarten because I wanted to know what the yellow-haired kid and his tiger were doing in the Sunday funnies. I still enjoy Watterson's comics. Did you see his guest panels in Pearls Before Swine a couple years ago?


No! I missed the Pearls Before Swine materials!!! I was terribly upset when Watterson retired (same for Gary Larson), and I had no idea he'd done anything new. I just keep reading the old books over and over again... (Something to look for!)

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At the time, the guest panel artist was kept secret. When I saw them, I recognized the style but couldn't place the artist. I thought at first it might have been Berkeley Breathed, because it also had a bit of an "Outland" feel.

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