Fire And Blood - Book Review/Rant

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Considering that the book had more than 700 pages, I expected that it would, at least, finish the story it started. It did finish a couple of sub-stories, though, "The Conquest" and "The Dance Of Dragons". It was so nice to know how those went, but...

Where is the link between "Fire And Blood" and "A Song Of Ice And Fire"?
What made us, all readers of the latter, eager to read "Fire And Blood" was our urge to know how the Targarian rule ended, what does it have to do with the prophecies we heard over and over along the Song Of Ice And Fire books, and most of all: What is the Song Of Ice And Fire and whom is it about?!! (because there was hints that it was some kind of prophesy itself)


Leaving the readers with less than half the story wasn't cool at all. It left us with even more questions. We know Dorne was softly conquered by a royal wedding, that too wasn't mentioned in "Fire And Blood", yet. Now we're waiting for "Winds Of Winter" the sixth part of "A Song Of Ice And Fire" AND for the second part of "Fire And Blood".

Thank you, George R.R. Martin!

The book told us about less than half the Targarian kings who ruled Westeros. Reading it was fun enough but finishing it halfway through the main story wasn't fun at all! It was like telling me the story of your life starting with your childhood and stopping at your youth when asked about how you made your fortune in the last two years, considering you are fifty years old now!

Ok, your life was interesting and full of action, BUT THAT WAS NOT MY QUESTION!


That said, Fire And Blood is still one of the best books I read, it keeps you hooked till the very end and beyond. It's just the "beyond" part that annoys me. Waiting for a second part, while I'm waiting for the sixth part of his other series, knowing how long it already took!

So I'd still rate it 4.5/5

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