Looking Backwards, by Ed Bellamy

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In 1887 an author by the name of Ed Bellamy wrote a book.
This is him:

This is the book:

It was the number 3 best seller that year.
Ben Hur and Uncle Toms Cabin out sold it.
I'm sure you've heard of those two.
But I'm going to bet that you havent heard of Ed's book.

In todays age of controlling the infomation you are allowed to know, this should come as no surprise to you, once you've read the material.

In this book Ed lays out how to manage the world without banksters.
He demonstrates that ruling elites are not needed to do our thinking for us.

I think he gets a little wrapped up in the minutiae best left to those on the spot, but the general outline is sound.

I hope you take the few hours to read this book that has intentionally been ignored by the educational elites that decided what was, and wasn't, important for you to learn in your formative years.
Just as religious zealots are unlikely to switch allegiences, so too are you unlikely to accept alternate economics after being indoctrinated for so long to reject anything that doesnt come from authority, and for the same reasons as the religious zealot.

You, dear reader, are searching for something that cant be found in the mainstream.
Something that going along to get along doesnt deliver.
If you werent, you wouldnt be reading my content.

Have a perfectly peaceful day!

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I haven't heard of that book before mate. Is it available for online read?


Yes, the link is over the cover pic.

I would not be eating with a mustache like that.
But I would probably provide books for free.


The link is above the cover pic.

The nice thing about that 'stache is it's a flavor saver!


Great for tasteful writing ^^

se a very propissional writer