My New SF Series on AmazonKindle

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Hello everyone. I haven't been on Steemit for a while. I've been involved in another project. I'm writing a multi-book series.
The first two books are available just in time for the holidays at Amazon's Kindle books in e-book format.

Book One:Daemon

Book Two

Book Three: TEOTWAWKI will be published in the next few days

Book Four : working title INTERREGNUM, is in the works and should be ready for publication in a few weeks.

Book Five: working title METAMORPHISIS, still has quite a bit of work to do. I expect to release it next month.

After that I have several other titles in mind in the same series.
If you're interested in hard science fiction with a twist you might check them out.



I hope you make it.

Good to see you again Ev!

Thanks. I've been busy. I see that Steemit has changed AGAIN. I can no longer do what I want to do.
Like transfer steem to blocktrades. Apparently they changed the procedures and didn't change the FAQ.

I transferred some about a week ago with no problem... I've been gone too, I was on Weku (a total piece of shit) for about a year.

Well, welcome back!
I'm not sure what these are about but the Star-Trek-esque green girl on the cover of Daemon has caught my attention.

How're your tired old bones? I hope you're well and hale.

Merry Christmas!

Glad to see you around!

I haven't been on much lately, either--work is taking more out of me than it used to, and while I used to get some writing done on the train, it now seems that I need that time for napping. Also, I got a great piano at the dump and there's only time in the day for so many hobbies...

Anyway, congratulations on the publications! Great timing with the holiday release.