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RE: Book Review: Space Opera by Catherynne M. Valente

in #books4 years ago

One universal truth of science fiction, fantasy and comic books is that the Talking Cat is always an asshole. From Lewis Carroll all the way down to Charles Stross' Accelerando and obviously, now Valente. Given the notable correlation between "being a published author" and "owning cat or cats", this is particularly interesting 😁

Good review, not enough spoilers for my taste lol. That said, Valente is reliably excellent and anything that evokes Hitchhiker's Guide is an auto-buy soooooo ... great! 👍


Well, people who own cats know cats. And people who know cats know that cats are assholes. A talking cat just gets to demonstrate that more. That said, I do believe the cat in Coraline is actually pretty helpful!

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