Book Review – The Memoirs of Billy Shears – Thomas E. Uharriet (encoder)

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Book Review – The Memoirs of Billy Shears – Thomas E. Uharriet (encoder)

August 24, 2018

I had been pondering on whether to get this book for a few months now. I was tempted to purchase the abridged version, “Billy’s Back”, but finally decided to bite the bullet and buy the unabridged, “The Memoirs of Billy Shears”, despite the hefty price tag. I’m glad I did. It certainly didn’t disappoint, and answered so many questions I’d had in my mind over the last few years regarding the whole Paul is Dead conspiracy.

I can’t say I’m a diehard Beatle fan. I’m more of a second generation appreciator. The Beatles were more my mother’s era, but I do recall dancing around our family loungeroom as a toddler to Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Yellow Submarine and other Fab Four classics. Born in 1965, I was just starting primary school the year they parted ways. I have inherited my mother’s Beatles' albums and 45’s, and even had an LP of my own. I was more into John Lennon and had not long purchased the Double Fantasy album while in high school when he was senselessly gunned down on the steps of the Dakota in New York City.

Over the years I did purchase a few Beatles books and bios, as well as giving my mother a few Beatles photographic books. She was not only a Beatles fan, but a photographer herself. In my mid-teens I remember learning about the rumours that Paul McCartney had allegedly died in an automobile accident in 1966 and was purported to have been replaced by a look-a-like. Those “rumours” were fuelled by clues found in the band’s music and on their album covers. Like my mother, and millions of others worldwide, I only ever considered the rumours and clues to be a huge publicity stunt by the band and/or its management to bolster record sales. I had seen enough Fab Four interviews to know that they all had a wicked sense of humour. I didn’t put it past them to tease their fans in this way. Whenever they were asked outright they quickly dismissed the clues as being nonsense or of no consequence.

After putting the whole PID, (which stands for Paul is Dead) as it is often referred to now, out of my mind for over two decades, recent rumblings and rehashing of the clues started appearing on the internet. This peeked my interest, and sparked me to investigate further. A couple of years ago I stumbled across a YouTube channel called The Sage of Quay Radio Hour hosted by Mike Williams. Mike had many hours’ worth of PID information as well as links to other investigators on the same trail. The more I looked, the more I saw. The more I saw, the more I realised that this was not just a conspiracy theory. It was a conspiracy FACT. I went back through the pages of the Beatles books on my own bookshelf and to my surprise could instantly confirm what many were saying. There was definitely more than one Paul McCartney. Why had I not seen it before? I guess it’s like the old saying, “for those who have eyes to see……” So, after much investigation, listening to alternative research podcasts and radio shows I finally decided to buy the book that most of them were talking about.

The book is written in first person, but has an encoder, Thomas E. Uharriet. More about the encoding later. This unabridged version has sixty-six chapters and six hundred and sixty-six pages. Coincidence? I think not! Especially when you consider that the uncle of the person playing the role of Sir Paul is a thirty-third degree Mason. Occultism and Magick are heavily referred to within the pages of this manuscript. Also interesting to note is the name of the publishing house. Pepper Press, which is a subsidiary of MACCA Corp.

A brief synopsis: The book appears to be the words of a fellow known as, among other names, William Shepherd; AKA Billy Shears, William Campbell, Billy Pepper of Billy Pepper and the Pepper Pots, Phil Ackrill of the Diplomats, Vivian Stanshall of The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, and Sir James Paul McCartney of the Beatles. According to his testimony, the biological Paul McCartney did in fact die in a car crash on September 11, 1966. He was subsequently replaced by William Shepherd, an unknown session musician. Going into great detail, detail that only someone within the Beatles fold could possibly know, William, AKA Billy, explains the how, what, where, when and why behind this most massive cover-up. He explains the deeper meaning behind song lyrics of not only Beatles songs, but other artist who were in the know. The PID clues are aired, examined, broken down, and explained in great length. I wouldn’t possibly be able to go into all of them here, nor would I want to spoil it for anyone wanting to pick this most intriguing and fascinating book up. I would like to confirm however, that what PID researchers have been postulating for the best part of the last half century is not only likely, but as far as I can gather, actually true.

Of course, the more common clues are discussed such as the ones found on album covers and in back masking on certain songs. But many more, never before considered in other songs, album sleeves, video footage and the like, are revealed in the finest details, right down to how they were produced. Obvious differences in the two Paul’s are discussed at great length, such as height and weight differences, shoe and clothing sizes, skull and face shapes, and differences in ears, teeth and eye colour. Details of how changes to appearance was accomplished is revealed, as well as how the switch affected both the “Paul’s” family, friends and bandmates. Revelations of certain close calls, such as being seen playing his bass guitar right handed when the “real” Paul was left handed, being detained and jailed due to conflicting fingerprint and DNA records, and other such incidents are also sobering confirmations that he is who he says he is; an impostor.

It is clear to any critical thinking individual that to have such intimate and detailed accounts of the goings on within not only the Beatle’s fold and entourage, but the entire musical industry, then and now, and inside knowledge of the social engineering being played out, that the person writing this book could be none other than who he professes to be; the man playing the character we all know as Sir James Paul McCartney. It is also explained within the pages of this book why he battled to gain ownership of Lennon-McCartney songs that were pre- 1966. If he were the original songwriter of those songs he certainly would not have had to "regain" ownership. He also reveals details of others in the entertainment industry, some of whom met an early demise, and he seems to have intimate knowledge of the how’s and why’s, and in some cases who-done-its. Because names were named, if the author were not the person he professes to be, surely big name identities would be coming after him for libel and slander, which interestingly none are.

This individual comes across as a very complex and intelligent person, with a sense of humour to boot. He does appear at times throughout the text to be conflicted in his feelings about having had this lifetime acting role. Maybe his writing these memoirs at this, the twilight stage of his life, is his way of making amends, trying to alleviate his conscience of deeply buried guilt. His two-sided nature also appears to reveal itself when he talks about his humanitarian, spiritual, and philanthropic nature in the one breath, and in the next goes into some extremely dark, almost eerie places. Some chapters are definitely not suited as bedtime stories. In many parts of the text Billy comes across as highly egotistical and forthright. This is never more apparent than when he is explaining his oftentimes strained relationship with the other members of the Beatles. The fact that he is a classically trained musician who can read, write and score music is reiterated numerous times, and is in complete contrast to the other three in the band, as is his high work ethic and perfectionism. He openly admits to redoing other band member’s parts after they’d already recorded their tracks.

Not only were messages left in Beatles’ songs, but after he disbanded the Fab Four and gained some semblance of freedom, he was able to spread his wings and created his new band Wings, encoding most of his solo work with more PID clues. Yes, it was he who disbanded the Beatles. It had nothing to do with Yoko Ono breaking them up.

Speaking of encoding. The Memoirs of Billy Shears can be read on three levels. It can be read as any other English written book; left to right, page one through to page 666. Also on each page, certain words and letters are in bold text, giving a second layer to the meaning of the information revealed. The third layer of coded material is found by taking the first letter of every other line throughout the book to spell out words and sentences forming a secret text known as an acrostic code.

The book was supposedly written, and is classified as historical fiction. It was necessary for the author to do this in order to not break contracts that have been in place, and are still just as binding as they were when signed over fifty years ago. He eludes to what parts may be interpreted as fictitious in the last chapter, which in and of itself would actually seem to be counterintuitive, but then that chapter could also be part of the fictional element. A fair bit of double speak is seen throughout the text, and this is not surprising knowing that this way of communicating is all part of Masonic culture.

Towards the end of the book you will find pages of song lyrics that have never been released to date. This book is a fascinating, thrilling, heart wrenching, eye-opening, mystery-busting tell-all. It is not just within the written text and coding that you will find stories once thought impossible and unbelievable having you rethink your take on what were branded the greatest rock band the world has even known, but it is also what is found between the lines that will blow all your previous perceptions of Britain’s Golden Boys right out of the water.

NB: I, in no way, form, or capacity have any affiliation with Pepper Press, MACCA Corp, or “The Memoirs of Billy Shears”. I am simply an independent reader, blogger, and Author of my own memoirs, “Returning Home – My Journey of a Lifetime”, who has chosen to review this book. I enjoyed reading “Memoirs”, as it has come to be referred to in PID research circles. I highly recommend it to anyone who was, is, or may become a Beatles fan. I will certainly be rereading “Memoirs”, and I’m sure each time I do, I will find more layers revealing themselves within the pages of this most intriguing literary masterpiece.

P.S. Interestingly, am writing this review on my late mother’s birthday. Even though in life she was not aware the PID “conspiracy theory” was FACT, I’m sure wherever she is now, she knows the truth. Who knows? She may even be rubbing shoulders with her teenage heartthrob, the “real” Paul McCartney.

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