Book Review: Beverly Hills Dead

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I recently finished a fiction book by Stuart Woods named Beverly Hills Dead and wanted to share a brief review.


This book is the 2nd in the Rick Barron series, and takes place in the 1940s in Hollywood. As the name suggests, it is a murder mystery of sorts, and deals with an underlying political issue – the Russian “red scare” and communism invading the film industry.

Though the book is fiction, it gives some insight to some unique American history as it brings in the House Un-American Activities Committee and has real life elements of the skepticism on Hollywood at the time.

The books is very entertaining, and it moves quickly. It centers around Rick Barron and his production of a new film for Centurion Studios, as well as introduces new characters into the overall series. The plot takes lots of twists and turns, and is a fast read. I won’t spoil it for you of course, and the book can stand alone, so reading the first book in the series is not necessary.

Overall, I give this book a 4.5 out of 5. If you are looking to be entertained and enjoy a good story, you will find this book is right on the money.

I listened to the audiobook through the OverDrive app, which I have written about here:

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Wonderful book review. Thanks for sharing the fiction book review with us. I will try to collect and read it.