Shinrin - Yoku: The Art and Science of Forest Bathing

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Whenever I feel bad, when there is a wave of sadness or anger, the first impulse is to leave the house and direct my steps towards the nearby park. I am lucky enough to live near two friendly trees and greenery space and from spring to autumn I take walks as often as I can. However, I miss the forest. The Space. The trees. The real power of nature.


And so I think that someone who has not experienced the benefits of the forest, sea, mountains or meadows on their own skin will find it difficult to trust this book and the words of Dr. Qing Li. Even the conclusions from some of my research seemed to be far-fetched, but trying to undermine them I remembered how nature affects me and the people who had the opportunity to delight in it, try to get to know its power.


"Shinrin-Yoku: The Art and Science of Forest Bathing “ is a title largely indicating for a typical personal development guide, but let's not be fooled. Maybe it isn’t a literary masterpiece, it fulfills its task one hundred percent - it convinces us to return to nature. Because we come from there. Because nowadays, in the constant pursuit of success, we need it even more. Because - which has been proven in many respects - definitely worth it.

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