Bonsai - common principles when dealing with the common pests

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Now that I have completed a series on the most common pest and some of the solutions there are a couple of guidlines that apply across the board.

Be on the lookout for them every time you tend the plant, when you water when you prune, check the plant thoroughly. It should look healthy at all times.

Leaves and flowers should be checked thoroughly for any signs of damage or uninvited guests.

Scale and sooty mold on a Eucalyptus tree.jpg
By Bidgee, CC BY 3.0, Link

The quicker you find the problem the faster you will be able to rectify it and the less long term consequences for your tree.

Always give new plants the most careful of scrutiny as they can introduce problems that you have long since eradicated from your existing trees.

If you can isolate it as well for a couple of weeks, this will give any hidden problems, diseases or pests time to manifest more visibly.

When you discover an issue with any of your plants make sure to identify the culprit correctly as this will influence the type of remedial action.

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Good advices! definitely having a garden involves responsability too to keep it safe.

@sme, most of the remedies are to pick them up and throw them out. That could be helpful.

Very good :) hey @sme My post upvote please I am a student help me please