Bonsai common pests - Guidelines for spraying

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Once you are sure you have correctly identified the critters, disease, fungus mold etc. that is infesting or affecting your tree and it is severe enough to merit use of a spray the following guidelines should be followed.

Scale and sooty mold on a Eucalyptus tree.jpg
By Bidgee, CC BY 3.0, Link

  • carefully read any labels to make sure you have the correct product, don't use unlabeled bottles or other guesswork.
  • follow the instructions meticulously, high doses can kill or damage your plant.
  • fish, bees and birds are often sensitive to pesticides and other sprays, take the necessary precautions.
  • make sure pets and children are kept out of spraying vicinity while preparing, during and after spraying.
  • pets and children should not be able to interfere or ingest any material from the sprayed plants for a suitable period.
  • avoid polished surfaces and clean all equipment after use.
  • suitable ventilation is necessary before the room or area may be used again.
  • if accidental ingestion or contact with the pesticide occurs keep all labels and take them with to the doctor, taking care to follow initial instructions as soon as possible.

Prevention is better than cure, inspect regularly and possibly even set up a routine spraying regime.

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God these lovely bonsais.... they are very sensitive to dry climate and these split A/C systems kills every single drop of humidity in the room 😓 any advice?

Yup, and don't spray yourself in the face, don't ask me how I know.

Prevention in the manipulation of this type of substance should always be first!

Very important this info.

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Comming and Upvoted you :) !
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Very interesting topic, thanks for sharing!

Very interesting topic, thanks for your advice and for sharing!

Very healthful hint. Thank you for sharing.

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