A Delicious Cherry Tree Treat [Bonsai]

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Another cherry tree in my collection. This one is a twin of the other cherry tree I posted yesterday. Cutting from the same parent tree. Same age.

This tree was named according to the strong dominant trunk shape. I think it could easily be repotted in the future to have the trunk angled into the shape of a formal upright tree. There is already a slight bit of taper forming in the trunk. I think that is widely attributed to the root system on cherry that grows so vigorously.


Historical Details of this Tree:

ID: 0024
Nickname: Soda Pop
Type: #Cherry
Age: 2 years
Grown: cutting from branch
Last repotting: November 9, 2018.
Wired: never

Past articles featuring this tree:


From the top view, this tree looks like it has a nice canopy.

From the side, it is obviously lacking leaves and branches on one side, leaving the tree a bit naked there.


Who knows if this tree will ever form branches on that side or not? Perhaps I will eventually have to incorporate this strange nature into the story of the tree. Many trees in nature will grow tall and discard branches on one side because they grow too close to other nearby tall trees. Disease and pests will often destroy branches on one side of the tree where it is more shady. Sunlight can also fry the branches off one side of a tree. A forest fire can also toast one side of a tree if it is rescued by fire fighters.

If it does not want to grow branches on one side, that is fine with me. A bonsai can be appreciated one many different levels.


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There is a monthly Steem community garden journal challenge. I’m sure they love to see your garden. I myself will be making a post soon for it.


I hope you been doing well. Have a great week!

Fantastic photografhy of cherry tree.