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Hi everyone,

Today we had a bad weather in Bucharest... raining all day, and it started to get really cold during the night (just 9°C when I'm writing this post).

Therefore, today it was the time for me to prepare my heating system: two Ubuntu computers with powerful graphic cards. I freshly installed them with Ubuntu 16.04.03 LTS and Boinc 7.6.31, attached them to the World Community Grid project, spent some time to properly setup a Gridcoin wallet on one of them. Unfortunate, my wallet is empty, and from what I read so far, I need an initial amount of GRC in order to start the Proof-of-BOINC mining.

Would be great if someone from the community can either donate or borrow me some initial GRCs (my address is: SGzNgzWqBgVdJmgrUJHkYNGyrED3mNyyVq).


The CPUs will be loaded with the World Community Grid, as I really enjoy contributing to all their research projects. The big question is what to do with the graphic cards (I have two Radeon 7990): mining some new cryptos, or just donating the computing power to some research projects? The bet of this year: will the GRCs pay the electricity cost? If that's the case, this will be a free heating source for the upcoming winter...

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If you don't want to spend some initial money you can join the pool,

The reason you need some initial coins is because Gridcoin is a proof of stake coin, meaning the larger stake you have, the more often you will find a block. You will only be rewarded for your BOINC work when your wallet generates a block. You have up to six month to do that.

Exactly how much you need to do this can be calculated, but around 2000-10000 GRC would be recommend.


Wow! I was not aware that 10k GRCs are needed to start generating blocks. With this, I definetly need to look in the mining via the pool, and I shoikd abandon my wcg goals for a while...

Those 7990s would be great for Milkyway@home! Estimated max RAC is around 2.5 million, good enough for mag 400, yielding about 100 GRC daily (only GPUs).

Great enjoy a lot want to see more of this in future. @steemmillionaire

Small world, I've actually been BOINCing in Bucharest for the last 2 1/2 months, but I fly out today for my next location. Sadly, my little laptop hasn't been able to keep the room warm enough without the help of the apartment radiator.

Are you a Bucharest native, or you there for work? You're written English is very good so I figured I would ask.


Actually no, I'm from a small town south-west of Bucharest.

But I did my university studies here, but since then I was always on the move (lived in several countries, on two continents).

Now, hopefully I will settle down to Bucharest, as I really enjoy the city and the quality of the social live :)

This is exactly what I use my computers for in my winter, I have 3 GPUs running at once and it gets to a very comfortable temperature in my room within a matter of minutes.

I sent you a little tip to get started but as others have recommend, if you're starting from nothing, it's best to join the pool.

Good luck doing science!