Ruby badge for Beta Testing workunits on World Community Grid!

in boinc •  last year

Hi everyone,

During these days, World Community Grid has been running a Beta Test for their Smash Childhood Cancer project due to Android workunits results being invalid (Beta test discussion over here).

I love to participate in Beta Tests and this is no exception. What I didn't expected was to receive such amount of Android workunits that it made me reach to 180 days of runtime. Because of this, I received the Ruby Badge for Beta Testing:

Beta Testing Ruby Badge Notice on BOINC

These are my stats up to this point of the day:
World Community Grid Stats up to 4PM 2-26-2017

And these are my Android devices running BOINC and participating in World Community Grid:
BOINC Android Devides Beta Testing WCG - Copy.jpg

To learn more about World Community Grid and their research projects, you can visit their website over here:

Thanks for your attention!

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