My Smash Childhood Cancer badge from World Community Grid just turned to Emerald!

in boinc •  last year

Hi everyone,

Today, I received my Emerald badge for the Smash Childhood Cancer project from the World Community Grid. It took me 3 days to get the medal!

The Emerald badge is awarded for running a project for a year . The next badge is the Sapphire badge awarded for running a project for 2 years. Then, after the Sapphire badge comes the Diamond badges which are awarded after running a project for 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 years.

Below you can see my stats up to this point:

I'll keep you all informed when I get the Sapphire badge!

To learn more about World Community Grid and their research projects, you can visit their website over here:

Previous badges notices:

Ruby Badge
Gold Badge
Silver Badge
Bronze Badge

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lol 3 days? You have 100 cores running just one project?
And I thought I am a big one with my 60 atom cores.


All my machines are all running this project only.

List of cores running this project:
38 Atom cores
24 ARM cores
2 Core 2 Duo cores
8 i7 cores (16 with Hyper Threading)
1 Pentium 4 core (2 with Hyper Threading)
4 cloud servers with 1 core each one

Great demonstration on how much power the "common man" has, even if you might a bit more than most people :)
BOINC is a great way of doing real work with real difference to the world.

Keep on crunching!