Got some Help Stop TB tasks from World Community Grid. Am I lucky?

in boinc •  last year

Getting Help Stop TB Tasks from World Community Grid is kinda rare. They say that to get them, it is best to update the BOINC Manager when the time is at 3 or 33 minutes (12:03 and 12:33 and so on), but even if you try to get tasks at that interval, you may not get them.

Today, I've been able to grab some workunits in my server with dual Intel Xeon X5570. Here is how BOINCTasks looks currently:

And here I take a look at the Results page in World Community Grid. DESKTOP-EPIAIAU is the server. I haven't changed the name of it to a more suitable name XD. You can see that from all my machines, the server got more workunits than the others:


I hope I can get more workunits when I upgrade the CPUs since I'll have 24 threads in the server by then :)

So, what has been your experience trying to get Help Stop TB tasks? Let me know in the comments

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Not sure I have ever had a TB task, having to sync at certain times sounds a bit wierd though.

I got a few tasks when TB started. Since then I've never had any TB task again :( Won't get a cool badge...


I know how you feel. I guess I'll never get another badge and will stay in Gold... I think it's unfair what other crunchers are doing by automating their PCs to fetch tasks at the 3 and 33 minutes interval, since they'll get the tasks and we, who just let the BOINC manager do the project updates on it own, do not receive tasks.


So in boinc/boinc tasks on that machine set the network allow time to 00:03am and 12:03pm and find out where the server is located as 12:03pm for you may be 10:03pm or 9:03am for you. Being IBM and watson that should be easy to find the servers local time for updates... Since boinc would be limited for say a window of 00:02am-00:04am to do network communication only , thus would give you a good chance and be automated as it will try and update at that time or even set to just the :03 minute of the server time... I mean you don't HAVE to turn in boinc wu soon as they are finished they can wait till :03 or 12:03. Not like i WCG but seems logical and would be automated , so if you want another badge.


I know about that trick, but since the moment I made this post, I've been receiving more tasks 😃