BOINC Radio 03 - BOINC in Schools; Roadmap and Wishlist; Small Spinning Things

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Recorded on January 17th

BOINC in Schools; Roadmap and Wishlist; Small Spinning Things

This week we discuss a competition that involved BOINC, a high school, and microbiomes! We also discuss the BOINC roadmap and wishlist along with some science news including the world's fastest spinning object.

Relevant Links
BOINCNetwork Discord

Stockholm Science & Innovation School Competition Donates 25 Years of Computing Time to Cancer and Microbiome Research
BOINC Roadmap/Wishlist
Light Powers World's Fastest Spinning Object
Scientists Built a Particle Accelerator Smaller Than a Human Hair on a Chip
A Second Planet Was Found by Closest Star to the Sun

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Twitter: @delta_1512
Twitter: @BOINCNetwork

5:15BOINC In Schools
11:15BOINC Wishlist/Roadmap
28:00Fastest Spinning Object
30:15Worlds Smallest Particle Accelerator
34:00New Super-Earth Found

What is BOINC?

The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is an open-source grid computing infrastructure which provides open access to a global volunteer-based distributed computing network. To date, BOINC has been the driving force behind numerous computationally intensive research programs, such as pulsar identification, the creation of patient specific cancer treatments, the simulation of candidate molecules for next-generation solar panels, along with many others. While BOINC has been used primarily for science and mathematics, it can host data from any open or commercial field so long as the data can be formatted for BOINC’s processes. Examples of projects include tasks on engineering, cryptography, rendering, weather and climate prediction, as well as social, market, and resource analytics. [email protected], for example, worked to break remaining WWII messages encrypted by an Enigma machine.

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