Bodyboarding With Matt Holton - Lanes Beach - Ho’okipa Maui 10-29-17

in bodyboarding •  last year

Sunday the winds were down, the large North swell was still lingering, and I was invited to ride along with my friends @mattandcristina for another action packed adventure in bodyboarding at Lanes Beach at Ho’okipa Maui!


We launched our boards from the rock, there were some fisherman on the rocks around us catching fish, however I was almost too busy preparing my fins for the water to notice!


Lanes Beach was a little rough at the entrance and exit there, but what lies in the middle is where the surf is at! When we got out there the handful of surfers greeted us as friendly as usual. To our surprise my buddy Robby Naish was out there stand up paddling. At first I was thinking about following him around to get some video, but I decided to just concentrate on myself for a change. Matt and I were catching some waves and a Helicopter showed up so I started paddling out to catch the next big wave coming! It was a lot of fun, and I got most of it on my Go-Pro video.

It was a really fun day at Lanes Beach, check out my Go-Pro video below:

Check out @mattandcristina’s video from that day below:

Lanes beach turned out to be the most fun ever, I can’t wait to go back for more!

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Fabulous adventure activity you done @honusurf. I`m really interesting body boarding. Firstly tough task after training its easy task. But our body balance must important. Patience is big point for surfing. Great article man.
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Nice video, is like being there in the water.
Nice experience indeed, one day i also want to do that.

Wow you guys did a crazy surfing there! It seems like huge waves! (I think 20 feets+) This is amazing! Great videos and amazing experience you just shared!


You were nice kick to the waves with your skills. Awesome actions including video. Maybe terrible to watch us. Maybe its fun. Good luck @honosurf

Wow...fantastic video...
unbeliveble...unforgetable exeperience...
Wow...feeling awesome...
Hey @honusurf
Wel done and perfect work my dear friend...

Wow awesome video. You`re jumping on the huge sea waves with body boarding. You have good talent and high effort. So then you can easily your hobby very well.

@honusurf - Oh my goodness, you are giving us live boarding video experience... Wonderful experience Sir... How quick you are.... To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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This is amazing videos...thank u sharing ur experience 👏👏👏 best of luck @honusurf

Hello @honusurf,

Extraordinary good video with fantastic surfing at 'Lanes Beach - Ho’okipa Maui'. This video reminds me a famous quote as follows:
"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun." - Phil Edwards


Wow liked the video of the surfing ,The feeling must have been great

The wave of the ocean is beautiful. Whose bounce can reach up to a high rise. Art is also amazing in the sea show.

Wow what a fantastic video of beach. The waves are just awesome. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Hey @honusurf
Another wonderful and smart article about "The ancient language of ivrit"...
And perfect work my dwar friend...

Wow..fantastic video..thanks for sharing

it is very fun @honusurf

very cool sir @honusurf

fantastic video of incredible body-surfing. impressive work @honusurf