Bodyboarding Slaughterhouse Beach Maui - Short Video Clip!

in bodyboarding •  last year

Friday I got to check out Slaughterhouse Beach with my friends @mattandcristina for some bodyboarding action! When we arrived there were some pretty big waves pumping in, so I decided to launch the drone and got some shots of Matt bodyboarding before jumping in!

Image by Nick Thompson (Photo Matt Holton bodyboarding)

Here is a photo from the beach, Matt playing around! I think he knew the guy was going to ditch his board!

I caught some fun waves out there. The barrels out there that day were big, heavy, and hollow tubes to "nowhere!" Here is an image of me wearing the Go-Pro Helmet dropping into one!

Click Here for Large Image!

Check out the short video clip of the action below:

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Looks awesome photography and video in surf on board.
Thank you @honusurf
Have a great day..

Seems like you are having a great time. And what a nice view of the ocean. Amazing photography.

Very nice video

Wow that would be great surfing experience! Great photography and great video also! Thanks for sharing friend!


@honusurf - Oh my goodness, it's a beautiful photography of maui beach & incredible surfing video Sir. Love it & nice you decided to share it Sir <3

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed] surf surf...
I really like and oyed with surf...
Wow...that is feeling awesome @honusurf

Amazing post and wonderful photos videos thanks for sharing


Han neupakat loen lagoe @khairulmuammar..??


Boss...ka sehat syeh @khairulmuammar..??

There is nothing like surfing :-)

Nice this pict my friend @honusurf. I like n resteem your post friend

Wow wow...amazing this video your post friend..

I like your video the post friend

thats great

Wow you are profesional surfer

amigo #resteemia at your service

fantastic photography & impressive video of surfing. excellent work done by @honusurf

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