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Yesterday was the first Tuesday of the month so we were back at The Library Pot in Richmond, West London, for games night.

My choice was Line Links, a nice quick ice-breaker. Play tiles to make lines of colour - the longer the line the more you score. not having to worry whether all the colours match makes it easier to place the tiles but harder to find the best scoring option.
Janet won.

Janet opted for another try at Takenoko, aka The Panda Game.
Lay hexagonal plots of land and grow bamboo on them. The blue logs are irrigation channels, as bamboo needs lots of water. The gardener moves around growing the bamboo, aided by fertilizer, but hampered by the pesky panda who's always hungry! You get points for particular layouts of plot tiles, bamboo you can grow and bamboo in the panda's stomach.
This is a really great game - there's enough random elements to keep you guessing and change your tactics. I think I'm on the verge of buying a copy.
Janet won.

Henri chose The Logo Game. Given that two of the three of us weren't born in the UK (but had lived here for nearly 20 years) and the one that was born here doesn't watch commercial TV, this game took longer than it should have. A trivia game where you answer four questions on a card to slowly move forwards based on the question colour. I like that mechanism as it is quite random and can allow the lead to change without warning. The questions ranged from 'guess the brand of the logo' to identifying the colour of a jelly baby by its name (who cares? you just bite the head off!).
It was okay - I don't like trivia games much and this is an advertiser's dream - make people think hard about brands they normally wouldn't. My socialist soul was very disapproving, but then...
I won!

A word about the Library Pot - they are always welcoming. On weekdays there's no cover charge but they do ask that you buy some of their very nice Japanese-inspired food. We had a meal and drinks for £25 a head and played some games that made us laugh. Can't ask much more than that.

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Looks like a great night of fun. Line links looks like a good light starter, and probably good for non gamers. Takenoko is reaching classic status, IMO. I've been playing it a few years and still enjoy it.

Thanks Methus, that's good to know.
There was a recent kickstarter for Takenoko with giant plastic pieces. Looked lovely but it was US-only.
Yeah, line links is a good pre-dinner game, like Dobble or Ghost Blitz. Lasts the time between ordering the green chicken curry and it arriving on the table.

For gaming posts, use the #steemace and #battle tags to make use of the Scot-Tribe tokens. May as well make use of them!

Thanks for the advice - I'll try that next time.
I saw your recent post on the various tags and tokens available. It made my head hurt :) There's so much farting around these days on Steem that it's confusing. I should pay closer attention.

Sounds like fun. I ought to try some of these games. We used to play some of the classics with the kids, but not in a while.

There's bound to be a good board game shop in St Albans that'll let you play a few games before you buy.

That Panda game sounds interesting. It sounds a lot like Catan if you were to replace road building with water irrigation and a thief for a panda. I like the idea of it though, so I may look into it for myself.

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I've never played Catan. I feel I should, as it is one of the reference games people use (as you did).
Maybe next games night, as I know they have it.

Catan was the gateway game for most new strategic board game players. It was one of the first games of it's kind (as far as I know). It kind of became overplayed because there werent a lot of other games like it to play, so a lot of people got tired of it. I'e played quite a few games now and I personally still think it's one of the best. The original settlers of catan is good to start with and then the "cities and knights" expansion is a really good addition. Its adds a few really cool elements to the game. I highly recommend trying it to see what you think

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