Shadows Over Camelot--Have You Played It?

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My brother just gave me this game he picked up at the local thrift shop.

I've played several of the Days of Wonder board games including such titles as Ticket to Ride, Memoir 44, Smallworld, and Catan, but I've never played this one.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about it if you have ever played it.

Also, my question of the day,

What is your favorite board game?

Tell me which game and why. The best answer in the next 24 hours will get a full upvote on three of their posts (my choice which--because I refuse to upvote trashposts or offensive posts).

I'm a huge board game fanatic and love family game nights so I'm pretty excited to play this one over the weekend. We are supposed to get hit by a pretty decent snowstorm so it will be the perfect weekend for a bit of gaming.


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Resteems much appreciated.

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The only board games I have played in the last 10 years are chess, and monopoly.

Online i'm addicted to Candy Crush Saga.

Monopoly has always been a favourite, and it does educate you in finance, buying properties and getting rent when someone lands on your real estate.

It educates you without you even realising that each purchase is a risk, and you only know if the risk was a good one when or when not the rents start pouring in.


I love Candy Crush Saga. I'm a bit crap at it, but I enjoy it quite a bit.

I think playing Monopoly as a kid is what attracted me to a career in business--I always enjoyed investing for the future and trying to determine what benefits could accrue for current sacrifices.

I am about to get hit with a snowstorm too (southern Ontario), and my gf and I are probably going to stay in and play 7 Wonder Duel. I think this is a great game for 2 players. A good blend of strategy and luck. Other 2 player games to consider are Jaipur, Android Netrunner and Dominion (although dominion isn't strictly a 2 player game). I have a large collection myself and when we have friends over the 3 most played games are Catan, Codenames and Scattegories! Sorry for the long reply, I love board games a ton :P


You are the winner! Thanks for the great recommendations. I will be upvoting three of your recent posts over the next week.


Thanks a lot bigpanda! I really really like your content and feel like we have a lot of things in common (believe it or not writing stories as well!). This really encourages me to stay active within Steemit! Appreciate everything again! #boardgamesrock


We definitely have something in common then. I have never played 7 Wonder Duel but have heard it is great. I've played Jaipur and Dominion and enjoyed them both quite a bit. Lots of good games in your list. Thanks.

My favorite board game is Risk. I love strategy games.

when I was a kid I used to play Ludo with my parents and cousins. So my first option is Ludo. aaand then was Monopoly, then clue and of course UNO.


I've never played Ludo--definitely going to have to check that out. The other three are definite classics!

This seems to be a great board game, well the one game that I have played is UNO


We love UNO at our house. We play it nearly ever month at least a few times. I enjoy it because it is fast paced and everyone can play. Great suggestions @denissemata!

my favorite game is mobile legends


I've never played. Sounds interesting.


install the mobile legends game is very interesting, you can try it sir, I am sure you must be interested after trying to play


Haha I love that game too. Used to play league of legends a lot so it was a natural fit for me. I got to Glorious Legend just by playing moskov when he was op :P

My favorite board game is chess. I love chess because it take 100% concentration and most especially builds the brain. Science found out that playing chess can help improve mental capability and thinking faculty. I can attest to that. Chess ain't a game of luck, you have to be a professional to win


Definitely! Chess is incredibly complex. One of the more demanding games I have ever played. The farther into the future you can envision, the better you can play.

I have never played this game. I was addicted to Catan and still think about starting again. I love that game, the characters and the music.


Catan is fantastic!

I've heard about it but unfortunately never played. Therefore if You will love it as a board game I recommend to You two of my favorite games: Robinson Crusoe Board Game and Discworld: Ankh Morpork .

Also I strongly encourage You to check out Board Game Geek to seek for some other games, crafted to Your preferences. :)


I love board game geek. I spend way too much time on that website. Thanks for the great recommendations.

My favorite table game is the "Do it with mimic". We spent a lot of time playing this. Another game that we like very much are the cards.


I'll have to check this one out!

I really like RoboRally. It's a game about programming a robot to move to different checkpoints while avoiding hazards and other robots. There are several expansions so there are a lot of different maps available.

I'm a software developer so this game really speaks to me. Although, some people don't like playing with me anymore.

I have never played Shadows Over Camelot but I'm a fan of Catan and Ticket to Ride. Let us know what you think. I'm always interested in new games.


Never played RoboRally, but it looks great! Catan and Ticket to Ride are fantastic.

To be honest, it's really hard to choose just one; monopoly, game of life, snakes and ladders, scrabble, they're my favorites. But I guess I'll stick with scrabble, it's sort of a certain game for me. Luck may be a factor in winning, but it's still someone's intensive vocabulary which is the x factor. It may not seem exciting for some, but it also uses foresight in a way - finding the right timing to lay out your winning word and/or when to use certain 'crucial' letters.

Others I've also mentioned heavily rely on luck/chance, it depends on what numbers the dice will give you. They're still fun to play though as you'll never know the outcome of the game and along the way you'll have a good laugh with friends when someone unluckily lands on the "go back to start" place 😂


The game of Life is a great classic! I played that so much as a kid.

My brother, sister and families went on holiday together just before Christmas. We had a fabulous time together for a few days. One evening we got out the card game Cards Against Humanity, had a few drinks and had the most fabulous time with this game . We absolutely roared with laughter for hours. Full belly laughter that you just need sometimes. Loads of people can play and the more the merrier really. Caution: This is not a childs game!


I've never played but my brother also tells me it is quite fun. Might have to try it sometime.

Board game? Does chess counts?

Because, man, I am such a chess freak.

chess and monopoly are my top picks . but still I prefer chess. it is only battle I can kill someones troops ruthlessly without any mercy since there is no flow of blood.


I love monopoly. Chess is great too, but I find it difficult to find people of a similar skill level, either they are way too good for me or not nearly enough to provide a challenge.

I would recommend this "jenga" game, which is the most beautiful and funny game I played with my daughter. Final is very stressful and the result is very funny


I love Jenga. The tension builds as the game progresses--until finally the tower collapses, generally resulting in a gale of laughter. Very good recommendation.


We had the same feelings 😊 @bigpanda

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Great gaming post...Keep it up...

This great broadgame, i appreciate gaming.... keep it up dear...

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this is a nice game

My favourite one is candyland ❤️

I've never heard a game before, but I really like games that can sharpen my brain like a card game, it can make my mind open and still want to play because it can make my mind and heart so calm and relieved. A game card is a game that has 52 pieces of playing cards divided into 4 settings or card type. That's the game I like. Hope you also like and always successful @bigpanda😊

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Well till now I have not played that game but in future I will make sure to play it Thanks for sharing with is

it is a nice game

Nice post frieds @bigpanda

i haven’t tried this game, i played snake & ladder game & candy crush

Thanks for sharing your valuable post..

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Never played that my best board game ever is monopoly I absolutely love it

never played it before