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I was scrolling through my feeds when I noticed so many tags under #ulog. I read about a lot of positive feedback on how it made the uloggers easy to compose a blog. So today, I decided to visit ulogs.org and signed up through steem connect, easy as 1-2-3. (Pak!) ;D

Alright, so am at ulog.org now and the first thing I did was to make sure I can see my profile photo haha! My profile photo is looking good. Great! Next thing I did was to click on the bell icon to the left of my photo and that's the notification bar, then I saw @dwightjaden mentioned me in a post and I got curious.

I clicked on the link and then, I saw this "Black and White Photography Challenge". I frowned! I have been nominated for this challenge so many times and never joined. Why? Because I want to make sure my photo will standout so I will win this contest but you know what after all this time I actually I did not see any post of whoever won this challenge. Then I realized it didn't mention about choosing a winner. LOL

Anyways, I went through some of my photo albums and I chose this:


I took this photo way back in 2014 when I visited my grandparent's farm using my old nikon coolpix. Even if I think it's not the best photo I took I chose it because my partner loves it. Every time he sees the photo he would always tell me "I love that photo! Good job, baby! Am so proud of you". It may not seem like a big deal to some people but it means a lot to me because he is one of the most sincere people I've ever met. =)

Thank you for nominating me in this challenge, @dwightjaden.


Below are the rules for the Black and White Photography challenge I copy pasted:

• Black and white image(s) that represent any positive meaning in life.

• Present one or two image every day.

• You may add people, if you want.

• Give a short explanation about your photograph (50 words and above).

• Nominate someone every day to spread the wonderful things about black and white photography.

• Use the tag - #bnwphotography - as your first tag.


I nominate @gerel for this challenge. 😊



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Great picture!


Aw! Hehe thank you, Mark 😊

Looks like witch's pet. hahaha
Great shot,Ate .


😁 thanks dai 😘

It's so nice to see you after soooooo long, where have you been all that time??? Everything is good???


Hi there! Nice to see you here. I've been busy traveling and spending time with family back home. Everything is great. Thanks you ☺️

How are you?


I'm also good, and it's really nice to hear that you've spent a quality time with your family.

Its been ages since I saw your last post. Its good to know that you are still posting in Steemit. By the way, I love that picture of yours too. That is a really awesome picture that you took.

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Thank you ☺️

Nice photo and thanks for the share. Wish to produce and share something like that.. I've been posting blacknwhite photography even all I have with me is my cellular phone for taking pictures, hoping to share something beautiful and amaze people. And also praying to have a gadget or a good camera In the near future for better photos. God bless


Thank you, Roselyn. I saw some of your b&w photos that you took with your mobile phone , it's good. Just keep practicing. Am sure someday you'll have a camera that you like. 😉


Thank you for the appreciate @purepinay. Hopefully in God's time soon. God bless

Kinda spooky, but I love it!!! :)

So nice to have you back :*


Thank you 😘
Am glad you're still here. How's everything?


So far so good :)

Wow! 13 crows in a single shot. You stole the party My Lady. As you remained out of the sight fr almost 4 months it does not mean that the love of the people has gone fade for you. It surely has increased for you.

Thank you so much for the awesome Balck and White Photography :)


". As you remained out of the sight fr almost 4 months it does not mean that the love of the people has gone fade for you" Big thank you 😊 ♥️

it wasn't an easy shot really coz I had to wait for the crows to not move, so I had to sat on log (good thing I didn't fall aslepp 😂) and waited for the perfect shot 😁

You're back! I am happy to know that you're active again. You have a creative eye for photography I must say 😊


Yes am back! 🤗 I miss it here!

Aw! Thank you 😘

Hope everything is going well with you and your family.

Thats an amazing shot


Thanks 😀

resteemed this!
so beautiful!!

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