Bluewaves Mentorship Project Week Five: Helping Minnows Develop A Great STEEM Mindset

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The Blue Waves Mentorship Project has gained Momentum over the Past few Days as more Nigerians are signing up for Steemit.

We have gotten more applications for Mentorship this past week

We came up with an efficient post promotion system that we will increase the post engagement for our Members. We had to come up with this because it was common for people to dump links in promotion channels without engaging with the work of others

Mentorship will have no point if is there is no course of action. So the Blue Waves Project is based on Four Vital Pillars which Includes

+ Personal Branding

+ Steemit Etiquette

+ Content Creation

+ STEEM Mindset

This week Mentors are @ogochukwu and @dragonslayer.

The Following Steemians were admitted Into this weeks Mentorship


Bluewaves Is A Steemit Marketng, Mentorship and Support Project.The Bluewaves Project can only support Nigerians for the Main time as our resources are Limited, but we will incorporate other African Countries as our Support base grows

If you are a Nigerian and you want to join the Discord Server contact, @greenrun @gunneresq @ewuoso, @samstickkz, @bania, @honoramous, @yvonn, @harbysco, and @greatness69 with your username and Location on Steemit Chat and you will be provided with the invite link

If you are a New Steemian and not familiar with discord,have not made any post or if you have made just your introduction post contact @ogochukwu on Steemit Chat

Download Discord Here

Signup For Steemit Chat

Remember to confirm your E-mail after signing Up


Let's go people!

Yesso! I believe in the bluewaves system.

  • Here I found a family that really cares.
  • Here I found friends.
  • Here I found brothers and sisters; fellow Nigerians pursuing the same goals as I am.
  • Here I found oneness, togetherness, peace and tranquility.
  • Here I found knowledge of different kinds from many brains that are willing to learn and share.

SO if you ain't here yet; I really don't know what you are waiting for.

Kudos to @ogochukwu for beginning a change...that is everlasting.

Here we the moon!


The Nigerian community is growing fast on steemit. Cool. More upvotes for us.😁😁😁😁😁😁

What a great family

thank yhu bluewaves for the love and support

Hello @ogochukwu, kudos to you and other mentors on the bluewaves academy channel. I have really been learning alot from the classes and I am also glad it is growing everyday

I will follow @nairadaddy in saying

if you ain't here yet; I really don't know what you are waiting for

Because that is just the truth...


Together we change Africa and sweep off unemployment and get youths to involve themselves on steemit and get to life a digital life..
Steemit forever...

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