Sy'ir kepada penghina agama islamsteemCreated with Sketch.

in #bloq2 years ago (edited)

Teutop ngon rincong mangat tapeu ubat
Yg saket that-that meu pansi haba
Haba meunyet-nyet
Meupunyi ujong
Saket lam jantong sampo lam dada.
Meunye sigotek kakhen keu agama lomg
Peudeung lam saroung jadeh ku hila
Hana lam peungeuh kupreh lam seupot
Peudeung lam limbot kutak bak muka.
Ingat itu baik-baik


Mantap tat syair jih...

Hana pu iyak peu meu n agama geutanyo,

Bentoi nyan asa meulanggeh hambo saja.

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