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in bloodinthestreet •  9 months ago

So the price of BTC went down and you where holding your life savings in it? that sucks. Mabie you took out a morgage on your home and you put it all into bitcoin when it was at 17 K now your wife has left you, taken the kids. and never wants to see you again for as long as you both shall live. sorry, bro!

Some advice for you. If you only pay attention to markets when they are in the main streem news then you are going to lose your shirt because that is when you should be selling not buying. The Idea in start up projects is to find them before they go to the top. EOS Steem both have great potential. but again if you want to buy these coins after they gain traction you might be loseing your shirt. You need to have the confidance to invest when the market is unstable and coins profit potential is unstable. The Blood will draw out the real Loins and Sharks. make no mistake. The ones who put down there money and see those reversals see huge returns. keep faith and BUY MORE STEEM!!!i have watched this token go from 7 cent to 5.00 dollars

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A timely message @stray

Damn Straight, Think a loosely knit crew of us have just stuck it out good and bad and we for sure are NOT the sheep :P <3