Blood test will now predict death!!?

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American scientists have claimed that they developed such a method of blood tests Which can be predicted that How many lives have a person left?
Research has been said in the study this test will help people in real danger and those elements can be monitored which can be a threat in the future.
This research has been done by researchers of Yale University of the United States and they also claim that this blood test predicts an individual's age is extremely authentic, practical and easy.
9 bio makers were seen in this blood test it was applied to the data of the past medical research reports.
After this, an algorithm was predicted according to 9 biomakers, such as white blood cells etc.
Researchers say that this test is helpful in predicting an individual's age because it examines the effects of aging within the human body.
Scientists have said that it will be practically tested in the near future, but instead of genetic tests, these results will not be like 'stone on line'. It can get high.
Researchers of yale university want to determine these elements due to which the age of cells increases, so that people can be helped for long life.
According to researchers, in the next step, measures will be formed which will tell a person's lifestyle to increase their biological age.

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This is a great research in todays life. It may benefits to the person family


Why not it's possible in future Medical science is working better.