bloke in a field 5th november 2018

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'PAUL BRIDGER Published 5th November 2018: Go get 'em Ian Rowland Crane... Bloke in a Field.'
'Egan's Rear End and Frontal Gas Emissions Overload.'
Ned Pamphilon Cartoon and following text.


Cuadrilla Annulus Horribilis:

Bloke In A Field....

Remember remember the 5th. of November. Stay safe!

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Been watching Francis Egan's over active eyelids.... as if to say, ".... I may not be telling the truth..."
AJ Lucas stock price was tanking. Clair Intellectual Pygmy Perry concerned about her career.…

Traffic lights system still at 0.5 Richter Scale
Franny Egan boasting of gas flow

Still testing the geology

Everything pumped down the well to initiate the mini frack and artificial flow is stuck there.
Common practice: gas lift technology
All the fluids need to come out of the well, so Schlumberger dropped coil tubing down into well.
Through the coil tubing they pump gas which reaches bottom of the well. That gas then flows back up the well annulus...
... lifting the fluids out of the well.
At the surface the gas is channeled separately from the liquids and onto the flare stack.
Was that Friday's gas?

Ian recaps the history of Halliburton Deep Water Horizon event...

Shortly before 4.30pm 0.7 seismic event

Royal Courts of Justice this afternoon Mayor Malton has requested a judicial review to fast track fracking
The moment Cuadrilla instruct Schlumberger to full pressure....

What price selling your soul?

34 seismic events out of last 37 in the UK since Cuadrilla farcking.

The CUADRILLA Gas Flow Deception ...

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