Parapsychology and divination...part 1

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I have had a few 'paranormal' experiences in my life, ones that I cannot find a 'logical explanation' to, no matter how hard I try.
(And I'm pretty good at finding logical explanations in most things..)

When I was around 15, I had an interest in all things 'unknown' -that and had zero fear in exploring all of them (with the exception of girls - they were way too terrifying for me.)
Playing around trying to invoke a demon held no such fears however, and as such I spent around 18 months or so investigating 'the paranormal' side of things.
I could actually do the math to construct an astrological birth chart - from scratch!! (no internet then, it had to be done with rulers and calculators).

Part of this 'investigation of the paranormal,' was dowsing, or divining.
Divining is essentially finding something using an antennae of sorts, to point you in the right direction.

There are different theories explaining how this works (if indeed it does work..).

The normal perception people have, of divining or dowsing, is running around a field looking for water paths, or wells (and oil, apparently).

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What is not generally known is that, following the divining philosophy, it isn't just about water.
It can be done for anything.
Something to do with each objects emitting their own unique vibrations, and clarity of mental imagery of the thing you are looking for...or something (as I remember it).

Three very real life circumstances then tested my newly found interest....and to say the results were surprising, is an understatement. (even then, I looked at things with logic and always with healthy cynicism to 'this kind of thing').

I would love to hear of any possible alternatives to my experience, that doesn't fall under the 'divining works' banner...


The first test came when my dad asked me ( jokingly), to find a farm tool that he has lost.
I knew this tool very well (i.e I could visualize it very clearly) and he knew, roughly, where he had lost it.
The tool was approximately 12 inches x 6 inches.
The area where he thought it was, was approximately 15 yards x 15 yards.
Using a cross checking system - quite literally- I discovered it, on my first 'sweep' of the place.

Simply stand in corner 'A', and rotate your body slowly, with the divining rod held in front, until you get a 'signal'. Mark the line, and then repeat from point 'B'.
The intersection is the place..
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I can remember we were both a little surprised !
I also remember that I was not overwhelmed.
I was fully aware that there was a possibility that it was just a 'chance' occurrence. I had also been in the area where this item was lost, quite recently.
Maybe I already knew where it was (unconsciously)....


Several months later...
A similar scenario presented itself... My dad had lost a tool -one I also knew very well. ( I was cutting holes out of sheeps ears for marking purposes, at an early age!).

The difference this time is that I had definitely not been in this building for several months.
The tool was around 6 inches x 4 inches.
The area was around 12 yards x 25 yards.

...and 4 feet thick of sheep shit. (We 'wintered' some sheep indoors..)

Repeating the same process exactly as before , I found the tool !
It was buried 3 feet or so, down.
(A $100 implement is worth digging down through 3 feet of sheep crap..)

NOW I was impressed.
Seriously, I could find no logical explanation for this one, and discounted the mathematical 'chance' theory. The odds were just too high, 2 times consecutively in such a large area...


This last one wasn't a success like the 2 previous attempts, as such. As in a successful recovery of a lost item.
But it was also the most successful , in a way...

6 Acres of open field.

One folded penknife, 4 inches x 1 inch.

I never did find that penknife..... I couldn't really do the 'x' marks the spot with such a big area, so I had to walk up and down slowly, covering the field.

But I DID find 6 pieces of wood, all around 4 inches x 1 inch, where my divining rod 'twitched'.

yyy - Copy - Copy.jpg dad's knife was a wooden clad affair, similar this one in the photo..

in part 2 I'll recount an experience I had with an ouija board - one that still confounds me.
The laws of physics did not apply...Well, they did - but if they did apply - it meant that the was energy source was in a place that it couldn't possibly be...

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The problem with this type of divination is that results fall into two camps.

  1. amazing, wow, holy shit
  2. i got nothin

If people do not believe, and do not suspend disbelief, they will get lack luster results. (its part of free will.) It could be that the person just didn't visualize the item to be looked for. So, of course they got nothing.

If you follow this with an open mind, then you get sooooo many stories that it worked! Finding water much closer to the surface. Check. Done. Repeated. Find things, people, whatever. All the freaking time.

It is only "modern materialistic" science that hasn't gotten on board with the actual facts and data. Scientism believes that there is only matter, and that there is no connection between things. Consciousness has nothing to do with anything, its just a bunch of neurons firing. And so, of course, divining has no basis in "science". (and so, don't look at actual data, because every "scientist" knows the "facts")

· I said, I could find no logical explanation ( past ridiculously high low mathematical probabilities)..)

Very interesting. I wouldn't call it though "paranormal" - you must have heard of Rupert Sheldrake? I like his attitude about the phenomena we all do hear from once in a while and he suggests to just call them "normal" or "natural" instead of "supernatural". It's nothing super about it but "only" to acknowledge that space holds things together.

I live in a world where theses phenomena are not integrated as something just ordinary, like throwing balls into baskets. I mean, it's pretty impressive when one hits the ball backwards into the curb without being a skilled player. So the calculation being made happened on a more intuitive basis.

Simply stand in corner 'A', and rotate your body slowly, with the divining rod held in front, until you get a 'signal'. Mark the line, and then repeat from point 'B'.
The intersection is the place..

What I find is here the most important part is to trust the signal. Even being aware of where it's coming in, I think, needs some skills (to be correct all time).


I use the term 'paranormal' to cover things I cannot explain.

It's decades since I've even thought about it to be honest, it just came to mind for some strange reason..


Now, that is interesting, I find. When you use the prefix "para" one is compelled to attribute it to something "higher" - I looked it up and the definition says:

above, beyond
beside, near, alongside
abnormal, incorrect

What I find usually in this context is that people either connote it positively and already exaggerate those phenomena as something heroic or they take up the position to exclude them from their agenda as it suggests superstition - and therefore is regarded as stupid.

I found your particular explanation and description really interesting as it appeared neither esoterically uplifted nor condemned as something impossible.


Hilary still isn't in jail - everything is possible, even the impossible! lol