Maybe For The Last Time.

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I didn't do much this weekend. It was perfect.

I mainly played Fire Emblem: Three Houses on my Nintendo Switch. It's been refreshing to find a good RPG on a Nintendo device. Last one I played was Final Fantasy XV and I actually enjoyed it. For a majority of the weekend I played Fire Emblem and I'm pretty sure I'm not close to finishing the game. It did have a few good twists that kept my interest.

I've turned mainly into a casual gamer so marathoning a game again feels nice. But I feel the worst parts of my gout is over so this may be the last weekend I don't go out. It's cold in Melbourne so it's more motivation to not do anything radical. Living frugally has been a blessing that it would be hard to spend money again when the time comes.

I've also started reading comics on my phone. There's actually some really cool apps that you can read free comics. Didn't realize there were so many of them. Regardless I'm out and about the next few weekends.

What did you do this weekend?

Take care, honey bears.



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Average pulls for another average day for Splinterlands. I keep forgetting to set reminders for the weekend tournaments. Oh well, I rarely win steem for the amount of tournaments I enter.

SPT GOAL - 5,545/100,000


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would you mind sharing the comic app with us?

Here ya go!!!

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Yay for the worst part of gout being over! This non-goutiness can continue indefinitely 😆

We had comps this weekend. It was very busy and exhausting and good to see how much better all these kids have gotten since last time.

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What are they competing in? And thanks!

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I stayed in and stuffed my face with $30 of Taco Bell haha

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Was that your omad? Cause that sounds oh mad..

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Pleased to read your gout attack is coming to an end - they can be so debilitating. It's one of those pains that I think only those who have suffered with it can quite comprehend. I've been changing my diet over time and so far I've managed to avoid a serious attach for some time (famous last words!).

Booyeah! Out of interest, what were your changes?

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I've made a bunch of changes over time with the main one being less processed food - I was a bit junk food happy!

One that I believe I can feel making a big difference is the juice of a lemon with water, on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I've perceived this has helped ease attacks when I've had them and so far seems to have helped keep them away. There's a little science that it's meant to help neutralise acids within the blood.

Cherries are meant to also help so I include these in smoothies (frozen).

I mostly stick to wholemeal bread, pasta and brown rice.

I do still eat lots of shellfish, oily fish and enjoy a beer but so far I've avoided a serious attack for a long while. I've not kept a diary but I think it has been 12 to 18 months now. If I do feet a twinge I cut back on seafood and will avoid alcohol but increase lemon in water and cherries.

Oooh lemon, nice one. I now eat a lot of good fats (avocado, nuts, olives) and only eat carbs like bread/rice on the weekend.

I eat a lot of spinach during the weekdays and often mock meats. Also on allopurinol (which did set off gout for a week) but seems to be finally levelling out my uric acid levels.

Glad to hear you are doing well with it!

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I have a blood disorder which makes me prone to blood clots for which I have to take Warfarin (a blood thinner). Unfortunately it has interactions with many other drugs which rules them out for me so I tend to try lots of the old wives remedies - some of them seem even seem to work!

I've also found the natural unpasteurised apple cider vinegar (with mother) works pretty well but it's not the most pleasant thing to drink. It can be incorporated into salad dressings though so could be a worth while little and often thing to try.

I was just watching a video on apple cider vinegar haha. Looks like it tastes terrible

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It's fairly hardcore stuff. I tend to take it as a shot to get it over and done with quickly. Oh how it burns all the way down. Certainly gets one setup for the day though.

Glad you’re on the mend!

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Seems like an eternity ago i was walking normally

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Sux! Frustrating process —> think : 💪!

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