I'm cheat-posting on Steemit and it's their fault

in blogging •  8 months ago

I've seen countless posts here suggesting that Steemit add a draft and schedule posting feature into it.


There's no change as of this posting. Please don't suggest me to use mobile phone apps to blog. I've tried that ages ago, time and time again, and real estate on those phones as well as the "wonderful" autocorrection totally puts me off. There's really nothing like a proper monitor-and-keyboard setup for blogging, and I've finally found it in my trusty Microsoft Surface.
My Surface

I usually experience spurts of blogging energy, and sometimes can blog about three articles a day. If there was a scheduled post option, I prefer spreading them out onto days to cover for the days that I might not be able to blog, as well as not to break my daily post streak.

I almost broke those streak for two days in a row, due to life (I'll admit, I'm actually busy helping out in the coming Malaysian elections next week for my constituency). So I came up with a lame idea: post a bare-bones content and leave them up until I actually have time to sit and type.

Here are the lame posts from those two cheat days.
Lame lame lame. Embarrasingly lame.

I'll update those two in a while. In the mean time, if I can't find other solutions to my drafts and scheduled posts, I'll make do with the suggestion to make my posts as gists before posting them over to Steemit.

Also, back to work.

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Oh, hey!! A fellow "I wish I had schedule draft" person! :D

That's an interesting method, using Github :O (But also a pain for me to learn, since I don't use Github T.T)

I also came up with my own idea for pacing my posts (manually) with a Kanban-like app.

I'm using Trello! :D

How I draft my Steemit Posts

It's still a method under construction, but I realized that Trello also uses some of the "markdown" styling that Steemit does! :O

So glad to have found that they are quite compatible. Links, and picture links that work in Steemit can also work in Trello:

My Steemit On Trello Preview

Some markdown/styling don't carry over, so there may be some issues over there still!



Yes Trello :-)
I never noticed there's a markdown ability in that app. I've only ever used Trello a couple of times, and as much as I'm a fan of kanban and scrum (which, if you've never heard of it, is very much similar to kanban), I never caught on to how useful it is.
I... MIGHT give it a go once I'm convinced GitHub doesn't work to my liking. I'm more active on that platform, and GitHub uses the exact same markdown language as Steem, so copying over the content on its whole from GitHub into Steem should be seamless, both technically and formatting-wise.

Thanks for your comment!


Oooooh, GitHub, exact same markdown language as Steemit? Niiice. Something I could check out myself, lool! XP

why don't you use Google Docs?


It's definitely possible. Still, it doesn't answer the scheduling part, which is only possible if I'm able to build the interface on it. I still prefer GitHub; it shares the exact same markdown structure as Steem -- you'll notice the Markdown Styling Guide in our post editor points directly to GitHub.

But yeah, why not. I'm more involved in the GitHub platform, and I'm also an active G Suite user and developer. I'll give it a try on both platforms.

Thanks for your comment :-)

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