Keep Your Passwords Safe!

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Manage Your Account Passwords.

With so much hacking going on the internet, it is vital you keep your passwords secure, no longer are the days where you could use the same password for all your accounts, and no matter how careful you are they are not guaranteed to be safe. Why? you may ask, well if a company is hacked (and this happens more often than is realised) they can pull the database of passwords and share on the dark web. Once your email and password have been exposed, hackers will attempt to use these details to log in to other accounts, such as social media like Facebook and Twitter, and even more personal and lesser-known accounts, so having a unique password for each site is recommended, but don't panic it is not as complicated as you think, you can use a plugin such as Google to handle all this for you, they store your passwords securely and of course, if you do go down this road, ensure that your Google account is protected by 2 Factor Authentication. In fact, any site offering a 2FA solution, you should activate to provide yourself with that extra protection.

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