The Annoyance of Power Armour - FO76

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Cancels Out Other Armour.

It has been annoying me for some time now, my carry weight on Fallout 76 is roughly around 440 without wearing power armour, this is thanks to deep pockets in my armour giving me extra carry weight as well as a modded backpack that also increases the amount I can carry.

Unfortunately, when I don my X0-1 power armour my carry capacity drops dramatically to around 265, almost half when I am not wearing it. I looked into this and found that your power armour immediately cancels out your other armour. I think this is wrong as surely power armour should increase your carry capacity as you wear your other armour whilst in your power armour and after all, power armour is meant to increase your strength etc.

I do hope that the Fallout 76 guys (Bethesda) come up with a patch or a solution for this, as wearing power armour you are using fusion cores so I do not see why you should be punished on the weight carry front.

It is especially annoying when you have to put on your power armour to fight a legendary enemy, only to find out you are immediately encumbered restricting your movement and fighting abilities.

Thanks for reading.

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