Wake Me When It Is Over!

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So there you are, you've just woken up in your warm bed, eyes open, the sun is shining through your window, the smell of fresh air coming in through your window. You shove your blankets off, swing your legs over, feet hit the floor... BOOM!


You know you have just entered a shit show. The moment that those feet hit the floor, you knew it was going to be one of those days, that if it can go wrong, it will! It's the same feeling a man gets if he ventures into the world of going commando, starts to pull his zipper up, his dick gets caught, and while standing there in excruciating pain, wonders to himself, well, should I pull up, or should I pull down to get out of this mess!

Even after the morning coffee and other rituals, I knew this was a day that was going to fight me from start to finish. My first hint was to go to the kitchen, fill up the kettle, and head off to the washroom. After leaving the washroom, I sat down at the computer to wait for the kettle to boil. It was after several minutes that I noticed the kettle was boiling. I went out to the kitchen to discover I hadn't turned the kettle on. Well I remedied that and finally got my first coffee of what would be many today.

It was after getting my coffee and setting down to verify my Bittrex account the next little "incident" occurred. I don't leave my scanner hooked up to my computer, because I don't use it often, and i find it just adds to the clutter I already have around my desk, so I was hauling it out of the closets top shelf, when an old keyboard attacked me. By attack, I mean it fell off the shelf and landed on my head. After cursing the keyboard, i managed to get the scanner out and hooked it up to my computer.


It was then that I started to take a selfie for the identification process, and my webcam wouldn't work. I tried everything I could think off, and the program I used just wouldn't work. At least that was what I assumed. So i tried another webcam program, and the webcam was working just fine, only this program only would take video, and i needed a still. So I downloaded another program which was suppose to be compatible with my operating system. Well it wasn't. I uninstalled what I had downloaded and went searching for another, which I found and installed... SUCCESS! It worked fine. I took my selfie, and then i scanned the asked for ID materials.

I then went to the Bittrex site to upload everything they ask for. I tried for an hour! As some may already know, I have been having internet issues, and everytime i tried to upload, the internet would be cutting in and out, just enough to interrupt the whole process. After 45 minutes it finally went through. I am now waiting to see if everything is okay. I'm quite sure after the day I have been having so far, that there will be some problem!

I had finished uploading the documents and had to go to the store. I walked there, it isn't far, got the few items I needed and came back home to our apartment building. While I had been gone, my wife was doing a bit of cleaning and asked me to take the garbage down. So I tied the bag up, went down the stairs and threw the bag in the large bin outside. I walked to the door, and my key wouldn't fit into the lock! There was another young guy outside, and he tried his key... wouldn't even fit into the lock. So I had to walk all the way around the building and go in through another door!

So that has been my day so far. I'm seriously thinking of going back to bed and hoping when I wake back up that things may have changed for the better! Or I may walk backwards and retrace all the steps i've made to see it that will reset the day... naw, bed sounds better!

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