There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start Blogging

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If you are creative, If you're really passionate about something you do, or like to think deeply about stuff you're involved, then this article is for you.

We have had social media for a while now. The earliest versions of social media started with the Internet. Slowly the ability to interact with media in a social level has increased. Things started picking up steam in the early 2000's and by 2006 we had full fledged websites dedicated to the social interaction with the media we consume.

This gave rise to sites like Myspace, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Reddit, even Digg. Some prevailed and some didn't, but the result is what we have today. Lots of people sharing stuff on their favorite social network. Facebook, the dominant social network sees millions of shares every single day. Mostly cats.

But this gives you the chance to start a blog unlike ever before. This growth of social networks appeals to many people that aren't really content makers. They just like to share stuff they find interesting, but they have don't have any desire to sit down to write a 400 word article about anything.

That's where you come in. If you have ideas, today is the best time to start a blog. The space is less crowded than in social media and the people that want to share interesting stuff with their friends are looking for new stuff to share.

The Internet sharing culture relies in a hierarchy of content production. At the very top of the chain are the content producers, then the commentators, the curators and the sharers. Bloggers are in the content producer group.

The other reason to start a blog today as it pertains to what I already covered is that when you post your original content on social media, it really belongs to that network. You are subject to their terms of service, to their rules and regulations.

See in Twitter, you can get banned for saying the wrong thing. Facebook will just hide your thoughts if they don't like them, Youtube will take their money back if you offend somebody.

But on your blog, you make the rules. You can say what you wish, you can sell something, you can charge in dollars or bitcoin. Your blog, your rules. And you can still share whatever you post there on your favorite social networks. It's a win-win-win.

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