Sometimes the Best Content is: Nothing

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I would much rather abandon an article if I can't figure out how to finish it. Otherwise, I'll have to spend time on it every time I go over my drafts.

Usually, it's obvious when an article has to be abandoned, like when the timeliness of the topic has passed or the joke isn't funny anymore. Other times, it's a judgment call.

But sometimes, I find external content along the same lines about the topic and it all comes together in a flash. I like those because suddenly, my topic has become timely.

Here's an example of that idea from Matt and Tom. Tom Scott had a failed video that he couldn't publish because it didn't quite make his quality standards. But he managed to salvage it and make an even better video.

To me, this demonstrates the notion that sometimes the best content is nothing (at least at first, in this case). But in order to make that determination, you have to have a standard of quality. And that's the real trick.

At any given time, I have about 50 blog articles in my drafts folder and about 10 in my attic folder. I go over the drafts almost every day to see if there's any new detail I can add. But sometimes, the article is abandoned and ends up in the attic.

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If I may, which tools do you use to save blog drafts?


Cool ,write now using Wri pe Editor, will tryout atom soon :)


It appears that github now lets you have private repositories for free, as long as you're the only one who accesses it. They start charging you for private multi-user repositories. So it's perfect.


Wow I wasn't aware of this!

Appreciate you letting us know 👍


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wow cool update


Hi @inertia I've written an article about you, check it out, if you can? thanks.

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The title is so deep if you think better

I know exactly the feeling you're pointing at. I, too, have a lot of unfinished projects laying around my computer.
And yea, sometimes taking a look at all of them can inspire you to open one and just keep writing on it.
I found that writing as much as you can on one argument and then just going over the parts that you think they're not worth keeping is a good way to keep writing stuff. And in time, it gets easier.

I also have some videos around my PC which don't meet my quality standard, but one day I will make the most fun series of bloopers out of them all. Like, create a crazy story when each of these low quality videos matches perfectly.

Anyway, great post @Inertia! Glad to have found your profile. Following now :)

I had an EPIC comic I drew involving "what really happened" during the Vitalik Buterin death hoax.

Then I realized I worked on it for two weeks and it probably wasn't funny anymore.

This made me very sad.

I abandon a lot of posts and honestly I think this is a better tactic than post spam

A great point and agree. However often dated or poor quality articles are published. I believe it happens due to lack of motivation and laziness to produce quality or desire to squeeze every last penny out of a writing even if it does not deserve it. Different types and qualities of posts appeal to different folks. So in the name of public test marketing the bar is lowered. So we get the excess on this forum. Over time it happens and about impossible to prevent. I do not know If I have done this. Feel free to check out my posts and decide for yourself. LOL However I agree with what you said and it was well said. - Blessings - Troy


Well, there is definetly a learning curve....
Even though I can tell my content is a step (or three) bellow the best, I need to be practicing putting blog articles out, or I'll be frozen and never put out more than one or two.

But, I also is a poor effort and undesirable quality to constantly just putting up whatever crap happens to ooze from ones fingers that day.

A filter is a good thing!


True statement, because a good thing is not always the right thing!!!
Blessings to you!!

Just abandon the rubbish content and post up your best stuff as otherwise you have no filter and your reputation collapses.

Haha....the GoPro was "Meh."
"I just's no big thing."

Cool video...and thanks for sharing!
Anyone know how I can get my house lights to make that hollywood spotlight clicking sound when I flip them on?

Same here. I always ask myself what value a subject I want to write about may add... and often some ideas are dismissed...
I haven't posted in 2 days - though working on a couple... Soon out.

That said, some time then is probably best spent on curation/commenting in lieu of publishing.

each one word is correct that you said but its amazing that you always have around 50 blogs articles in your draft , its so good

I think best content is depend on people like.if your content people like means its best. :-)

great thought

unfortunately, junk creators never bother themselves with those questions and problems

There have been plenty of times where I've had a good story idea that hasn't quite come together the way I wanted it to. So I let it sit. Sometimes it just gathers dust. But sometimes, if I'm lucky and patient, I find the missing piece I need to turn it into gold.

You abandoning articles? I don't think so..

Damn straight! Haha!

Your content is good, enjoy the opportunity and post without fear, at least you risked! Whenever someone likes some content, as here on the platform there are several different thoughts, it will be worth sharing with us. And sometimes the content that you think is the baddest will be the best! Think about it!

tips for better blogs are valuable to me

that is thorough... i like it

On to the next post!

I agree. I have spent several hours researching and writing an article and then just hit the clear button and written something else entirely.

Some things are just not meant to be I think!
Thanks for sharing!