In spite of regrets

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. The firstborn was the right way to escape and despite the heavy and sticky regrets, things like the peaceful life of man. That was the worst. Cheerful man is known by his friends and little friends. It was one of the contradictions of his personality. He was a very good actor on the stage of life. At the most unhappy moment, bile can play the happiest part of the world. In the beginning he knew he was a liar. I'm used to lying to myself, but it's very important that saffron doesn't believe in their own lies. As for life, it was now a burden. He has to stay alive.

He compared the boy in the yellow raincoat to his childhood. He thought of his dreams as a kid. Childish, innocent dreams. First, he thought of his youth in the mind of life. When did he start to lose? Why didn't he reach the falling world? The answer was simple, but she couldn't admit it to herself. He didn't want to admit himself. He was a weak person. He had a weakness to look weak as a weak man. As a weak person, he did not admit to being defeated. He had a lot of excuses like a weak man. He couldn't get those excuses. He couldn't take the rebellion. She wanted to live around the world for a while but slapped herself.

However, by default, it was conceptual and defeated to life. He pretended he didn't eat. He acted like a negative event. Like it never happened. He's never been like himself. He fell to the floor before the window. The rain stopped. The mirror in the sink looks into the fried eyes.

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