And it stopped.

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There was a man running all the time. One day he met the guy who was on the way. . D Poor guy,, Dow said. “You're avoiding fear. It's not called running. In this race, the day you consume is coming. Run to escape and run away with it. He told them. And the running man said: I am already running. I ran and ran. "

The man running this road, everyone thought of running and running. "What about you? Run and run? The guy's been running for a while. I'm running. I'm running, of course. How many are running (running or running?) Who is passing, not different. .

"No," said the running man running faster. . I don't compete with anyone. I'm running for myself. And then when I ran away from his opponent, he said he was somebody else, why don't you run? Why are you speeding up? That's how his opponent escaped. I'm not sure I'm afraid to run like that. If I was right, I'd stop. "

And it stopped. And for the first time on the road. And he saw the man standing. He was sitting, watching the way. He was always there. He was going in. But this is the first time he sees this. . It'il be a day to run. Looks like he's running to stop. But before he runs, he gets up and already gets up. He stood next to him and asked:

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