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🌊 "I carry in my blood the foam of the sea" ... I think that this phrase from the song Venezuela is the one that most identifies me, since one of my favorite places in the world is the beach, I like to be at sea, the sand, the sun, the energy, the food, the truth is that I love the beach; On the other hand, one of the activities that I enjoy the most is to exercise, a good training to release tensions is always necessary, so when I was invited to a training on the beach, I accepted, and I want to tell you about this great experience that I lived in the Bay of Patanemo.🌊


Patanemo Bay is located in Venezuela, on the shores Carabobo State, in the Puerto Cabello municipality, it is an ideal beach to practice sports such as Surfing; According to some inhabitants of the town the name of Patanemo comes from "Paz We have"; It is an exotic destination that you can not miss.

On this occasion we perform a functional training, which consists of a very dynamic exercise routine of short duration of time (approximately 30 to 45 minutes), but of a high level of intensity that allows to burn fat, but at the same time increase the mass Muscle and endurance, also provides us with greater balance and flexibility; I particularly recommend it because the results are felt immediately.

First a warm-up is performed, usually this is based on stretching and mobility exercises, and to take advantage of the beach you can swim, another option can be jogging in the sand, in both alternatives (swimming or jogging), it is done in a time of 5 to 10 minutes.

Then you start with the circuit, the stations depend on the capacity of the person, they can be between 6 and 12 stations, where they combine exercises to work as many muscles as possible.

We can execute the routine in the following way:

  • 20 Push-ups in the sand, if you do not have much resistance in the arms, you can support the knees in the sand.
  • 20 Burpees, the Burpees are a combination of jumping with flexion, here we work the whole body.
  • Active rest for 1 minute; This is very important for physical conditioning, because while you recover you continue to maximize training, here you can perform various exercises that lead to the mobility of the entire body.

    • 20 classic squats, here we will work glutes, legs, lower back and hips.
    • Between 30 to 40 seconds of abdominals, this exercise is ideal to strengthen, tone and define this muscle.
    • Between 30 to 40 seconds of static squat with weight.
    • Active rest for 1 minute.

    • 20 lunge or strides with weight, This is one of the best exercises for the glutes and legs, in the first round of the circuit we start with the right leg and in the second with the left or vice versa.
    • 20 Traditional abdominals, lying in the sand raising the back making pressure in the abdominal area.
    • Active rest for 1 minute.

    After completing the last exercise, rest for one minute and start the circuit again, you can do between 4 to 6 laps depending on your resistance.


    1. If you are a beginner and do not have mastery of the exercises it is necessary that you follow the instructions of a trainer who supervises that you are performing the exercises correctly; This is vital! maintaining an adequate technique is what will allow the exercises to take effect and thus avoid injury.
    2. Stay hydrated before, during and after exercise, drink plenty of water.
    3. Take your own pace, we do not all have the same physical fitness, but always try to make the most effort.
    4. Use sunscreen so you do not burn like me. Skin care is also super important.

    I was full of sand and exhausted after training, but then to enjoy the beach!
    Do sport is healthy! ... Thanks for reading, greetings.




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