Caught my First Gar Fish Today! May 30th, 2018

in blog •  6 months ago

Went fishing today in the Cataraqui River and caught myself a Gar fish. I was out most of the day and got a nice little sunburn as a result lol but it was fun. I was only able to snag one of these guys today but the one I got was over a foot long. Here are some pics of the Gar and the Bullfrog that decided to pay a visit lol. Hope you enjoy.

DSCF1573 (2).JPGDSCF1574 (2).JPGDSCF1575 (2).JPGDSCF1576 (2).JPGDSCF1577 (2).JPGDSCF1578 (2).JPGDSCF1579 (2).JPGDSCF1580 (2).JPG

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